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Science and Technology

Iran joins world aerospace market in post sanctions era

Joining world aerospace market in post sanctions period is a great achievement for Iran due to positive interactions with world nations, said deputy telecom and information technology minister for innovation and technological affairs on Wednesday.

Prof Samii awarded Serbian Medal of Merit

Distinguished German-Iranian neurosurgeon and medical scientist, Professor Majid Samii was awarded the Serbian national Medal of Merit, called the Golden Medal of Merit, by Serbian President, Tomislav Nikolić.

Antibacterial nanocomposites designed for food packaging

Iranian researchers produced antibacterial nanocomposite samples that have applications in foodstuff packaging, INIC reports.

Iran, only developing country producing rare bloods systematically

Head of Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization's Immune-Hematology Laboratory said Sunday that 22 advanced world countries have national rare blood production programs, but Iran is the only developing country with such a program.

New determination to end US monopoly of the Internet

Many Western countries participating in the Wuzhen summit stressed the need for serious confrontation with cybercrimes and cyber-terrorism, the Iranian communications minister said.

Ali Akbar Salehi on Nature’s “Ten people who mattered this year” list

Salehi is described as fiercely loyal to his country, but also a voice of reason to whom negotiators could appeal in times of crisis.

Iranian professor wins OPCW Award

Mahdi Balali-Mood, a ceaseless educator on the medical aspects of chemical weapons, has been awarded the second annual Hague Award of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Iranian researchers build fully automatic VTOL drone

The Iranian-built drone doesn’t need any runway for taking off and landing, and can continue flight even after one of its engines is damaged.

Iranian VP in Hungary to attend World Science Forum

Iran's vice-president for science and technology is scheduled to deliver a speech in the World Science Forum (WSF) which focuses this year on the enabling power of science.

Meteorite found in Iran desert unveiled (PHOTOS)

The meteorite which weighs 17 kg was discovered during a desert expedition in 2013.

Q&A: Iran’s top science official strives for a Silicon Valley spirit

Iran seeks to be the superpower of science and technology in the region and stand atop the Islamic world, said Sorena Sattari.

Iran’s space scientist killed in Mecca crane collapse

The Saudi government should have made the necessary preparations to safeguard the lives of the pilgrims in Mecca, Ali Larijani said.

Iranian scientists and universities among the world’s top one percent

A science ministry official has said that as many as 170 Iranian scientists are among the world’s highly-cited researchers.

Iranian researchers crafting driverless cars ‘gradually morphing into robots’

An automated car will temporarily take over from a distracted driver, and pull over and park or head home if someone is unfit to drive, the researcher working on the project predicted.

Leader calls for active, effective presence in cyberspace

We should shed our passivity in cyberspace by tapping into the potential of young talents and taking wise measures, Ayatollah Khamenei noted.

New observatory aims to put Iranian astronomy on the map

When completed in four or five years, INO could be the best general-purpose telescope for thousands of kilometers, says an international scientist.

Iran calls for international scientific collaboration: Minister

Scientific cooperation among countries is most effective through establishing direct contacts among scientists rather than through government-driven agreements, said the science minister.

An Iranian scientist with a UNESCO award under her belt

Along with honoring family obligations Iranian women can pursue their ambitions, be active on the social scene and climb up the scientific ladder, said Professor Soodabeh Davaran.

Iran’s VP, Russian minister of industry meet in Moscow

Iran and Russia are to ink about 10 cooperation agreements, said Sorena Sattari, who is on a visit to Moscow.

Tabriz to host int’l seminar on e-marketing, tourism on September 1

Among other things, website optimization, Internet marketing and branding through social networks will come up for discussion at the conference.

Iranian scientists clone endangered wild ram

Maral, the cloned ram, is in perfect health and is being kept in Royan Research Center’s farm, said the head of the Isfahan-based Royan Biomedicine and Stem Cells Institute.

Meet Iran’s next Bill Gates: a dropout-medical student

With a company in Turkey already established under his name and a new office in Tehran, the third-year college drop-out has made a name for himself.

Iran’s first manned spacecraft unveiled (PHOTOS)

Prior to the manned mission, two dummies and a monkey will be launched into space as part of an experimental project.

Iranian, Austrian officials review technological cooperation

Addressing a closing ceremony of the two-day Iran-EU conference dedicated to “EU-Iran – Post Sanctions Era” in Vienna, Sattari elaborated on developing markets in Iran.

Iranian invention helps disabled people type with eyes

The system processes electronic signals of the eye. When the individual is in front of the keyboard and wears the headband, the system starts processing electronic signals of the eye.

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