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Tabriz to host int’l seminar on e-marketing, tourism on September 1

Among other things, website optimization, Internet marketing and branding through social networks will come up for discussion at the conference.

Iranian scientists clone endangered wild ram

Maral, the cloned ram, is in perfect health and is being kept in Royan Research Center’s farm, said the head of the Isfahan-based Royan Biomedicine and Stem Cells Institute.

Meet Iran’s next Bill Gates: a dropout-medical student

With a company in Turkey already established under his name and a new office in Tehran, the third-year college drop-out has made a name for himself.

Iran’s first manned spacecraft unveiled (PHOTOS)

Prior to the manned mission, two dummies and a monkey will be launched into space as part of an experimental project.

Iranian, Austrian officials review technological cooperation

Addressing a closing ceremony of the two-day Iran-EU conference dedicated to “EU-Iran – Post Sanctions Era” in Vienna, Sattari elaborated on developing markets in Iran.

Iranian invention helps disabled people type with eyes

The system processes electronic signals of the eye. When the individual is in front of the keyboard and wears the headband, the system starts processing electronic signals of the eye.

Iranian scientists create world’s first hybrid heart valve

Two Iranian scientists have used a metal alloy to successfully develop the first hybrid tissue-engineered heart valve, which can replace the current valves thanks to its durability.

A Burning Candle, a Hot Bath; Connect the Dots

An Iranian inventor has replicated the boiler of Sheikh Bahai’s Bath to unravel the secret of the historical bath.

Iran’s IVF baby mothers her own babies

Iran has taken big steps toward treating infertility and exploiting external fertilization to help childless families realize their dream of having a baby. 

Time has come for the East to grow scientifically

Ayatollah Rafsanjani has said that Iran is the birthplace of the Islamic civilization and that it is now the turn of people in the East to help with the development of science.

Tehran mathematics gathering (PHOTOS)

Photos of a fourth Meeting on Contemporary Mathematics in Tehran where French mathematician and a Fields award winner answered questions by Iranian university students.

Tap into the virtual world and expand it: Senior cleric

Those who can impart a fact to society in the virtual world need to be kitted out with communication infrastructure and facilities, said Ayatollah Javadi Amoli.

Professor Samii honored with China Shenzhen citizenship

A hospital in Shenzhen, China has been named after world-class Iranian neurosurgeon Majid Samii, who also has been offered the citizenship of the Chinese city.

Makran Robotic Team wins gold, silver medals in Switzerland Invention Contests

Makran, a robotic team from Sistan and Baluchistan Province, has won gold and silver medals at the 43rd Switzerland International Invention Contests.

Remote diagnosis of disease via smart phones

The new application is capable of accurately detecting pathogens from plasma and the results can be transmitted to anywhere throughout the world.

Nanotechnology tapped to produce strong aluminum alloy

Production of alloys with high strength and reduction in production costs and energy consumption are some of the advantages of the new method.

Kharazmi International Award announces winners

President Rouhani presented the awards to national and international researchers at the 28th Kharazmi International Award.

Iran says ready to cooperate with Google

Iran said on Sunday that it is ready to cooperate with Google to facilitate its services in the Persian Gulf region.

Iranian researchers introduce environment-friendly method to clean up oil spills

The nano-filter made from native plants can remove contamination from water and then be used as fuel in the industry sector.

Iranian researchers convert injecting chemo drugs to edible forms

A majority of drugs used in chemotherapy need to be injected at medical centers. With higher absorption, edible chemo drugs can be taken in the comfort of home by patients.

No one could claim Iran pursuing non-peaceful nuclear program: Rouhani

The president urged Non-Aligned member states to drop non-realistic missions and try to focus on areas of joint scientific and technological cooperation.

Iran launches domestic search engine

Iran has officially launched its own search engine ‘Yooz’ which can surf through a billion Persian websites, saying it plans to launch another search engine, Parsijoo, in the spring.

A new type of embryonic stem cells has been discovered in Iran

The newly-discovered embryonic stem cells will set the stage for fundamental studies on cell therapy, pharmacology, toxicology, developmental biology and tissue engineering.

We are neither proud nor complacent; we seek to compensate backwardness

Sorena Sattari, the President of Iran’s National Elites Foundation, says that today’s technological achievements should be a model for our scientific activities tomorrow.

Iran to launch new national search engine: Minister

The minister of communications has said that Iran will launch a new national search engine in the near future to secure its cyberspace.

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