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Latest Agriculture News in Iran – In a country with a range of different climates, soil types and landscapes, food, water and livestock remain important issues, especially with the world’s environment changing. All coverage about farming and related concerns is in this section.

Echium Harvest in Golestan 5

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Echium Harvest in Golestan

Many farmers in Golestan province, northern Iran, are harvesting their echium crops these days.

Which One’s Better: Spanish or Iranian Saffron?

Almost 95 percent of the world's saffron is produced in Iran, while many people think the saffron is produced in Spain. But which one has a higher quality: Iran’s saffron, Spain’s saffron or those of other countries?
Rise in Iran’s Sugar Output Saves $1 Billion in Expenses

Rise in Iran’s Sugar Output Saves $1 Billion in Expenses

Caretaker of the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture says a rise in the domestic production of sugar has helped the government save nearly $1 billion in imports from abroad over the past seven years.
Iranian Biological Fertiliser Saves Cocoa Farms in Africa

Iranian Biological Fertiliser Saves Cocoa Farms in Africa

An Iran-made biological fertiliser has been used to save cocoa tree crops in Ivory Coast from a deadly disease.

Iranian Farmers Start Harvesting Saffron

Farmers in various parts of Iran have started harvesting saffron with the arrival of autumn, the annual time for harvesting the “red gold”.

Pomegranate Harvest Season Celebrated in Iran’s Yazd

In many Zoroastrian-majority villages of Iran, including those in Roodbar, Qazvin, Gilan, Kurdistan, and Isfahan, people celebrate the arrival of autumn and its mythical fruit with festivities such as the pomegranate harvest celebration.

Farmers in Shahreza Start Harvesting Pomegranate

Local farmers in the town of Shahreza in Isfahan province, central Iran, have started harvesting pomegranate.
New Vaccine Made in Iran to Save Rainbow Trout (2)

New Vaccine Made in Iran to Save Rainbow Trout

An Iranian knowledge-based company has produced a recombinant antiviral drug that will prevent the death of an important species of salmon.

Iran Producing $80 Billion Worth of Agricultural Products

Iranian Minister of Agriculture Mahmoud Hojjati says the value of the country’s farm products has reached $80 billion, unveiling plans for the promotion of processing industries in the country.

Thousands of Farmers to Revive Iran’s Lake Urmia

7,000 farmers in four different villages of East Azarbaijan province have taken part in a project of revitalising Lake Urmia, where they are made familiar with the principles of sustainable agriculture.