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The latest news and views about the Iranian knowledge based companies and their achievements

New Method Devised in Iran for Cornea Transplant Operation

Iranian researchers have developed a new method to speed up tissue recovery in cornea transplant operations.
Medica 2017

13 Iranian Firms to Participate in Germany’s Medica 2017

Several Iranian knowledge-based companies will display their latest achievements in the pavilion of Iran’s Hi-Tech Products in Medica 2017, the world's leading trade fair for the medical industry, in Germany.
Iran Develops Smart Robot for Underwater Research

Iran Develops Smart Robot for Underwater Research

Iranian scientists from a knowledge-based company have managed to develop a smart robot for underwater research.
GITEX 2017

Iran Displays Modern Transportation Techs at GITEX 2017

Rahnegar Houshmand Iranian Company, as one of the most active Iranian firms in the field of ICT, is introducing its new achievements in the field of transportation information technologies at GITEX 2017 in Dubai.

Iran Offering Latest Telecom Achievements at GITEX 2017

Telecommunications software and equipment, as important subcategories of ICT products, are among the items being presented by Iran’s MAPFA Company at GITEX 2017 in Dubai, the UAE.

GITEX 2017: A Look at Iran’s Bright Future in ICT

New findings and the growth of research and production in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can help Iran rank as one of the leading countries in ICT within the next decade.

Iran Develops Thermal Night-Vision Goggles Using Nano-Powder

Iranian researchers have developed indigenous thermal night-vision goggles with both commercial and military applications.

Iran to Present Its Latest Apps at GITEX 2017

The Iranian company Hamravesh, one of the active app developers in Iran, is offering its latest applications at GITEX 2017, which is underway in Dubai, the UAE.

Iran’s Information Security Achievements to Be Presented at GITEX 2017

Iran is going to present its latest accomplishments in the field of information security in the upcoming GITEX Technology Week due to be held in Dubai from October 8 to 12.

Iran Starts Export of Nano-Equipment to S. Korea, China

Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Affairs Sorena Sattari says the country has begun exporting nano-products and equipment to such developed countries as South Korea.

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