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Yazd Province

Iran tourism: Rig-e Zarrin sand desert in Yazd

The Rig-e Zarrin sand desert is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in Yazd Province of Iran.

Iran tourism: Yazd’s Dolatabad Garden

Yazd’s Dolatabad Garden in Chaharmanar neighborhood is one of the old gardens of Yazd city in central Iran.

Flooding damages historical district in Iran’s Yazd

An Iranian official says recent flash flooding in Iran’s central city of Yazd has destroyed almost one percent of the historical district of the city.

Second accident in site of train derailment in eastern Iran

A video has gone viral in Iran in which a train that derailed several days ago in the country’s east caused a second accident.

Iran train accident victims mourned

A funeral procession was held on Friday in the Iranian city of Yazd for the victims of a train accident that left at least 22 people dead and dozens more wounded.

Iranian minister says cause of train accident yet to be established

Iran’s interior minister has said there are a range of possibilities that could have caused Wednesday deadly train accident in the country’s northeast.

Day of mourning declared in Iran’s Yazd Province over rail accident

Iran’s government has declared Thursday a public day of mourning in the province of Yazd over a deadly rail accident that killed a number of people.

Iran’s Judiciary rejects rumors on ‘suspicious’ death of ‘aerospace scientist’

The Iranian Judiciary has dismissed rumors about the “suspicious” death of an individual claimed to be an “aerospace scientist” in the province of Yazd.

Iran Tourism Minister visits historical sites in Yazd

Seyyed Ezzatollah Zarghami, Minister of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism has visited the Qanat of Zarch in the Iranian province of Yazd.

Pomegranate harvest from Abarkooh gardens in Yazd

Pomegranate is a garden product that is very compatible with the saline soil and desert climate of Yazd and each year more than one hundred thousand tons of pomegranates are harvested from gardens in this central province.

Swiss Parliament speaker visits Isfahan, Yazd

The speaker of the Swiss National Assembly Andreas Aebi has traveled to Isfahan and Yazd to visit the historical sites of these Iranian cities.

Iran’s Yazd City: World’s Largest Adobe Town

The historical city of Yazd in central Iran is the world’s largest adobe town.

Zilu – An Original Artform from Iran’s Desert People

An analysis of structural techniques and designs shows that Zilu, although looking like a simple hand-woven thread rug, has a profound cultural richness and depth of thought.

Remains of Historical Iron Foundries Found in Central Iran

Sites of ancient iron foundries dating back to the Achaemenid era have been discovered in the central Iranian province of Yazd.

Historical Qanat in Central Iran Revived

A historical qanat, an underground channel to transport water, in the city of Yazd in central Iran has been successfully revived.

Historical Houses of Yazd Converted into Ecotourism Hotels

Houses in the historical city of Yazd in central Iran have been turned into magnificent ecotourism hotels.

Yazd: City of Gourmet Traditional Foods

The city of Yazd in central Iran is mostly known internationally for its historical buildings. Nevertheless, local foods are also a major part of the city’s tourist attractions.

Vintage Car Exhibition Held in Iran’s Yazd

Photo by Fatemeh Rahbar, ISNA

Iranian Woman Turns Farmland into Doll Exhibition

An Iranian woman has turned her farmland into an exhibition of dolls she makes for fun at the sixth decade of her life.

Iran Rejects Claim of Blast at Ardakan Nuclear Site

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) has rejected reports that an explosion occurred at a nuclear site in the Iranian city of Ardakan.

Afghanistan Says Traffickers Are to Blame for Deadly Car Blaze in Iran

Afghanistan says human and drug traffickers are to blame for the deadly incident in Iran’s Yazd province in which a number of undocumented Afghans were killed and injured in a car fire.

Nadushan; An Iranian City without Any COVID-19 Cases

Coronavirus is spreading in all parts of Iran's Yazd province and has even affected many of its villages. The number of people living with corona in Yazd province has exceeded 1,200, but the populous city of Nadushan has not reported any coronavirus cases so far.

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Spring Blossoms in Mehriz

Trees in Mehriz, a city in central Iran, have sprouted beautiful blossoms during the last month of the winter.

Iranian Dolls to Go to Geneva as Peace Ambassadors

Jai Jagat 2020, an Indian campaign organizing a global march for peace and justice, has decided to take two Iranian folklore dolls from Isfahan to the Swiss city of Geneva as peace ambassadors.

Iranian Craftsman Inscribes Quran on Stone

An artisan in Iran has turned his house into an exhibition of superb pieces of craftsmanship: stones on which are written the verses of the Quran, the holy book of Muslims.

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