Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Afghanistan Says Traffickers Are to Blame for Deadly Car Blaze in Iran

Afghanistan says human and drug traffickers are to blame for the deadly incident in Iran’s Yazd province in which a number of undocumented Afghans were killed and injured in a car fire.

The Afghan Ambassador to Tehran said Sunday that the Iranian officials have promised to punish those behind the incident, especially the driver who was trafficking the illegal migrants and did not heed the police warnings.

Abdul Ghafoor Liwal told IRIB News Agency that the relations between Tehran and Kabul are of great significance to Afghanistan and the two sides must not let such tragic events disrupt the friendly ties of the two Muslim countries which share the same culture, language, and historical backgrounds.

He further thanked Iranian officials for their hospitality in dealing with Afghan migrants.
Liwal’s statements come after the fuss made over a video showing a car carrying Afghan refugees ablaze.

Afghanistan Says Traffickers Are to Blame for Deadly Car Blaze in Iran 2
Afghan Ambassador to Tehran visits one of the undocumented Afghans injured in a car blaze in Yazd, Iran.

After the video went viral, Afghans took to social media to denounce Iranian police. Afghanistan’s foreign ministry said in a statement on Friday three Afghans were killed and four injured in Iran’s Yazd province after their vehicle caught fire.

The Iranian Police fired on the vehicle, suspected of carrying drugs and undocumented migrants, after it crashed through a checkpoint and did not heed the police warnings, said Ahmad Tarahomi, deputy Yazd governor.

After its tires were hit, the vehicle did not stop and continued to drive away on its wheel rims, igniting sparks which started the fire, Tarahomi said.

Afghans have for decades sought refuge in Iran from war and poverty in their homeland. Iran says about 2.5 million Afghan migrants, both legal and undocumented, live there.

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