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Iran-Afghanistan Relations

Iran urges Afghanistan to punish assassins of border guard

Iran’s special representative for Afghanistan has demanded the Taliban rulers bring the killers of an Iranian border guard to justice.

Iranian president: NATO nothing but death and destruction to Afghanistan

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has said NATO’s occupation brought nothing to Afghanistan but death and destruction. He made the comment in a meeting with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee of Pakistan General Nadeem Raza in Tehran.

Iran giving aid to quake-stricken Afghans

Rescue workers from Iran’s Red Crescent Society are helping people affected by an earthquake in southeast Afghanistan shoulder to shoulder with their Afghan peers.

Iran sends 4th aid shipment to quake-hit areas of Afghanistan

The fourth aid shipment sent to Afghanistan’s quake-hit people has arrived in the eastern region of the country that was hit by the tremor several days ago.

Raisi orders aid to quake-hit Afghans at ‘full capacity’

President Ebrahim Raisi says Iran’s Red Crescent Society has been instructed to deliver aid to the quake-stricken people in Afghanistan at full capacity.

Iran urges US to free Afghan frozen assets

Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations has called for the release of Afghan assets confiscated by the United States. The war-stricken Asian country is now struggling with the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that killed at least 1500 people.

Iran sends first team of rescue workers to Afghanistan’s quake zone

Iran has sent the first team of its rescue workers to Afghanistan to help with the search and rescue operation in the country’s quake zone.

Official: Kabul must prove respect for Iran’s Helmand water share in action

Iran renews protest against the Kabul government’s failure to respect the country’s share of the Helmand River at the joint border, saying mere words are not enough for Afghanistan to prove its commitment to Tehran’s water rights.

Iran’s aid supplies arrive in quake-hit Afghanistan

Iran’s relief and humanitarian assistance for the victims of a deadly earthquake that struck eastern Afghanistan in the early hours of Wednesday has arrived in the quake-stricken country, the ruling Taliban’s spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid said.

Iran FM offers condolences over deadly earthquake in Afghanistan

The Iranian Foreign Minister has offered condolences over the deadly earthquake in eastern Afghanistan.

Iran condoles Afghanistan over deadly quake

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh offered regret over the horrific earthquake in Afghanistan and sympathized with the Afghan people and government.

Iran, Afghanistan seek to boost trade ties

An Iranian delegation has traveled to Afghanistan’s eastern Khost Province for talks with Afghan officials to step up trade ties between the two neighboring countries.

Iran extends census of illegal Afghan migrants for two weeks

Iran’s Interior Ministry has extended the census of illegal Afghan migrants, who hold no residency permit, for two weeks, saying 1.5 million of them have so far participated in the process.

Shamkhani: Certain countries transferring Takfiri terrorists to Afghanistan

Iran’s top security official says Tehran is in possession of “worrying” evidence that some regional and extra-regional countries have been transferring Takfiri terrorists to Afghanistan, calling for joint neighborly action to protect the region against destabilizing factors.

Iran calls for restoring stability to Afghanistan, Yemen

The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs has called for taking practical measures to help establish peace and stability in Afghanistan and Yemen.

Iranian Foreign Ministry says Tehran to pursue right to Hirmand water thru legal ways

Spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Saeed Khatibzadeh says Tehran will pursue the restoration of its right to the water of Hirmand River along the Afghanistan border through legal channels.

Iran says Int’l bodies must take appropriate approach to Afghanistan, Palestine, Yemen

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian says the international organizations must adopt just stances on developments of Afghanistan, Palestine and Yemen. He made the remarks in a meeting with the visiting deputy Slovakian foreign minister, Ingrid Brockova on Tuesday.

Iran sends aid to families of terror attacks’ victims in Afghanistan

Iran has sent a new shipment of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan for the families of the victims of the recent terror attacks in the war-hit country.

Iran says determining water shares to help end dust storms in south Afghanistan

An Iranian official says Afghanistan should work with Iran to determine water shares from Helmand River to help end the dust storms that plague southern Afghanistan.

Iranian intelligence denies having made anti-Afghan statements

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry has denied social media reports that it has made comments against Afghan nationals.

Iran says concerned about safety of its Afghan missions

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, in a phone conversation with the acting Afghan foreign minister, has expressed concern over the security of Iran’s diplomatic missions in Afghanistan.

Irani Interior minister questioned at parliament over border events

The spokesman for the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission has said MPs on Saturday asked questions from the interior minister regarding the security of borders and also the recent events along the country’s border with Afghanistan.

Iran to register all Afghan refugees

Iran’s Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi says all Afghan refugees in the country will be identified and registered.

Iran, Afghanistan deny reports of critical situation on border

The director of the information and culture department of Afghanistan’s Herat Province has said the situation at the Islam Ghaleh border with Iran is normal. Naeem al-Haq Haqqani made the comment in a tweet, adding traffic is also normal along the border.

Iran forces put on Afghan border to prevent Taliban encroachments: Minister

Iran’s Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi says Iranian military forces have been deployed to the country’s northeastern border with Afghanistan to prevent territorial encroachments by the Taliban.

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