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Iran-Afghanistan Relations

Iranian daily: Taliban on ethnic cleansing rampage of Shias, Iran silent

An Iranian newspaper has slammed officials in Iran for turning a blind eye to what it calls an ‘ethnic cleansing and killing spree of Shia Muslims’ in neighboring Afghanistan under the Taliban rulers.

Official: Afghan authorities bully Iranian truck drivers  

The deputy head of Iran’s Association of Truckers Trade Unions says Afghanistan has limited the traffic of the Iranian trucks by bullying and imposing very strict rules for the movement of Iranian trucks in the country.

Dividing Iran, Afghanistan a U.S. scheme: Ambassador 

Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran's presidential envoy to Afghanistan who simultaneously serves as Tehran's ambassador to Kabul, emphasized that the United States has been hell-bent on dividing Iran and Afghanistan. 

“Afghanistan has turned into major producer of methamphetamine”

An Iranian official says neighboring Afghanistan is now a major producer of methamphetamine in the region, voicing Tehran's readiness to tackle the problem.

Iranian daily slams govt. for permitting Taliban to invest in Iran

An Iranian newspaper has taken a swipe at the government for giving the all clear to the Taliban to make investments in southern Iran.

Envoy: Taliban invest $35mn in Iran’s Chabahar

The Taliban administration in Afghanistan has invested 35 million dollars in Iran’s southeastern port city of Chabahar on commercial, residential and administrative projects, the Iranian special envoy to Kabul announced.

Official: Iran repatriates 20,000 illegal Afghan migrants

About 20,000 undocumented Afghan migrants in Iran have been detained and sent back to their home country by Iranian security forces during the past two weeks, the border guards commander of the Khorasan Razavi Province, neighboring Afghanistan, says.

Environment body: Afghanistan construction of dam dries Hamun Wetland in Iran

The construction of Kamal Khan Dam by Afghanistan has caused the Hamun Wetladn on the border with Iran in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan, to dry.

Taliban brand Daesh as common Enemy of Afghanistan, Iran

Deputy prime minister of the Taliban administration for political affairs, Mohammed Abdul Kabir, has denounced the Daesh terrorist group as the common enemy of Afghanistan and Iran.

Acting Afghan FM urges migrants in Iran to return home

The foreign minister of the caretaker government in Afghanistan Amir Khan Muttaqi visited representatives of Afghan migrants in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad on Monday, calling on all Afghans in Iran to return to their homeland as he said the conditions are back to normal.

Afghanistan seeks economic revival to facilitate return of Afghan immigrants

Amir Khan Mottaghi, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, expressed the nation's commitment to creating an environment conducive to the repatriation of Afghan immigrants.

Iranian daily blames Taliban for terrorist attack in Sistan and Baluchestan

An Iranian daily says the terrorist attack in Iran’s southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan on Friday should be viewed in a broader context where multiple agents, most outstandingly the Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan, are involved.

Iran’s anti-narcotics chief warns of rising industrial drug production in Afghanistan

The Secretary General of Iran's anti-narcotics headquarters, expressed concern over the surging production of industrial drugs despite reported efforts to reduce drug cultivation in Afghanistan.

Taliban say living up to watershare treaty with Iran if there is rain

A spokesman for the Taliban has claimed Afghanistan is grappling with a drought and that all Afghans are facing water shortages, making Iran’s right to the Hirmand River water conditional on the existence of water.

Minister: Iran must enjoy its share of Hirmand River water

Iran’s minister of energy has said the country must enjoy its right to the water of Hirmand River on the border with Afghanistan.

Iranian, Afghan officials stress on expansion of trade ties

Iran and its eastern neighbor Afghanistan say trade relations between the two countries have to expand.

Iranian daily: Govt. ‘paying ransom’ in face of ‘bullying’ Taliban

A newspaper has come down heavily on the Iranian government for its “paradoxical policies” of not recognizing the caretaker administration in neighboring Afghanistan and yet hosting a top-level Taliban delegation.

Iran-Taliban intel operation foils drone attack by Israeli Mossad

A joint operation by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry and the Taliban has thwarted a drone attack by the Israeli spying service Mossad in eastern Iran.

Iran rejects reports it plans to house Afghan asylum-seekers expelled from Pakistan

An Iranian official has denied reports that a UN authority had announced Afghan asylum-seekers expelled from Pakistan would be housed in Iran.

‘Stop purifying the Taliban’, Iranian daily warns of refugees influx.

Although Iranian officials are scrambling to allay public concerns over the massive influx of Afghan refugees to Iran and also the government’s recent moves to approach the Taliban administration in neighboring Afghanistan, calls are growing that the trend has to stop.

Iran sends 5th aid shipment to quake-hit areas in Afghanistan

Iran has dispatched its fifth consignment of relief aid to people in earthquake-stricken areas in neighboring Afghanistan.

Iran says receiving no water supply from Afghan side of Hirmand River

The supply of water from the Hirmand River in Afghanistan to Iran has been completely cut off for a month, Iran’s Water Sector spokesman says.

Iran sends search, rescue teams to quake-hit regions in Afghanistan

Iran has dispatched search and rescue teams to earthquake-stricken areas in neighboring Afghanistan.

Iranian minister: Illegal migrants to be extradited

Iran says it will follow a stricter agenda to extradite illegal foreign migrants, a vast majority of them Afghans, to their home countries and will make the arrangements to organize the legal arrivals.

UN hails Iran’s services to Afghan refugees

The United Nations has admired Iran, as the second largest host of refugees in the world, for its health services to Afghan refugees and has promised support for the future efforts.

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