Iran-Afghanistan Relations

Iran condemns terrorist attack in Afghanistan

The recent terrorist attack in Kabul showed that terrorists will do anything to achieve their inhumane and heinous objectives, said Afkham.

Taliban have no place in Iran security strategy: Envoy

Iran does not accept comments that “Enemy of your enemy is your friend”, and has many times said that it is not going to support extremism under any condition, said Bahrami.

Can Iran live with the Taliban in its backyard?

Iran has concluded that living with the Taliban, which is to become part of the Afghan political structure, would better serve its national interest and stabilize the region, says a political analyst.

FM spokeswoman unaware of visit by Taliban delegation

An investigation should be launched as to who released the news on a trip by a Taliban team to Iran and what information they based their story on, Afkham said.

Taliban delegation in Iran for talks

Led by Tayyeb Aqa, head of the Taliban bureau in Qatar, the delegation met with Iranian security officials and discussed regional issues.

Kabul and Tehran can serve as driving force behind regional convergence

In an interview with an Iranian daily, the former Afghan foreign minister has weighed in on Tehran-Kabul relations in the past and at present.

Afghan President greeted by Iranian officials (PHOTOS)

A photo gallery featuring the first official visit of the Afghan president to Iran.

Iran regards Afghan security, development its own: Supreme Leader

Existing issues between the two countries such as refugees, water, transport and security could be resolved, said the Supreme Leader in a meeting with the Afghan president.

Tehran, Kabul ready to launch joint campaign against terrorism, extremism: Rouhani

President Rouhani said a more secure and developed Afghanistan will lead to more trade exchanges and an upgrade in Tehran-Kabul social and cultural interaction.

Iran, Afghanistan ink two cooperation agreements

Tehran and Kabul have agreed to boost cooperation in the fight against terrorism and drug trafficking, said President Rouhani.

Iran, Afghanistan agree on intelligence cooperation in anti-drugs fight

Tehran and Kabul have agreed to take measures to register all Afghan nationals now living in Iran, President Rouhani said.

A plea by deputy environment chief before Afghan president visits Iran

Environmental issues must be discussed in the upcoming meetings between Iranian and Afghan officials, a deputy environment chief said.

Iranian diplomats in Kabul safe and sound: Afkham

The Iranian Foreign Ministry condemns a terrorist bombing near its Kabul mission and says all Iranian diplomats in the Afghan capital are safe.

Terrorist attack outside Iranian embassy in Kabul

A car bomb attack outside the Iranian diplomatic mission in the Afghan capital killed one person Thursday morning.

US and Pakistan hold the key to Afghan peace: Former president

Etemad daily has conducted an interview with former Afghan President Hamid Karzai about his years in office and the government that has replaced his.

Iran FM Zarif meets with senior Afghanistan officials

President Ashraf Ghani has told Mohammad Javad Zarif that Afghanistan and Iran, which share common interests, should cooperate to fully tap into their potential.

Zarif heads to Afghanistan

Iranian Foreign Minister leaves for Kabul for talks with senior Afghan officials.

Iran’s FM, Afghanistan’s National Security Adviser Meet in Tehran

The outcome of popular votes led to the formation of the national unity government in Afghanistan and Iran supports what is based on the will and desire of the Afghan people, said Zarif.

Iran favors security cooperation with Afghanistan: Official

A senior Iranian official has underlined the need for extensive and strategic cooperation between Iran and Afghanistan and the continuation of security consultations between the two countries.

Iran’s reaction to the US-Afghan security agreement

Iran views the establishment of American and NATO bases in the region as a threat to regional stability.

Iran is to offer healthcare services to Afghan refugees

Iran’s Health Ministry is tasked with providing Afghan immigrants with basic healthcare services.

Iranian, Afghan Presidents Underscore Closer Friendly Ties

The presidents of Iran and Afghanistan call for regional cooperation to take on terrorism and extremism.

Iran, Afghanistan economic ministers meet at World Bank Spring meeting

Iran’s economic minister and his Afghan counterpart have met on the sidelines of World Bank Spring meeting.

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