‘Stop purifying the Taliban’, Iranian daily warns of refugees influx.

Although Iranian officials are scrambling to allay public concerns over the massive influx of Afghan refugees to Iran and also the government’s recent moves to approach the Taliban administration in neighboring Afghanistan, calls are growing that the trend has to stop.

Iranian daily Johmouri-e Eslami in an article on Monday renewed its stern warning that the lax policies to control the eastern borders and glossing over the Taliban’s past record would blow in the face of the Iranian nation.

“Officials of our country should not view US plots as confined to Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. US agents are very active on our borders, one of which is the eastern border and our purified neighbor, the Taliban,” Johmouri-e Eslami warned.

The newspaper also noted that Pakistan, once a major backbone of the Taliban, now considers the group as a “major threat” and has withdrawn its support, “but even though every day you witness a bitter incident in different parts of our country perpetrated by at the agents deployed by the Taliban, you still do not want to stop purifying them.”

The current administration has been criticized for its ‘spineless’ and at times ‘gutless’ policies on the Taliban since it took power in Afghanistan in 2020, following US military pullout from the country.

Iranians increasingly perceive undocumented Afghans as a threat to security and society, as there are concerns about radicalization among Afghan refugees.

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