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Afghan aid at risk due to Taliban restrictions on women: UN

The United Nation’s lead humanitarian coordinator has warned that UN-supplied aid cannot continue if the Taliban do not lift their ban on women working for humanitarian aid agencies in Afghanistan.

Iranian universities ready to admit Afghan students after Taliban ban

Three gender-specific universities in Iran have expressed readiness to enroll hundreds of Afghan women after the Taliban barred female students from attending private and public universities in Afghanistan.

UN suspends programs in Afghanistan following Taliban ban on women

The United Nations has announced that some "time-critical" programs in Afghanistan have temporarily stopped after Taliban banned women from working for non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Taliban suspend university education for Afghan women

Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers have ordered an indefinite ban on university education for the country’s women, the Ministry of Higher Education announced in a letter issued to all government and private universities.

Daesh claims responsibility for deadly bombing near Russian embassy in Kabul

Daesh terror group has claimed responsibility for Monday’s suicide bombing in Kabul. The blast occurred not far from the entrance to the Russian embassy in the Afghan capital and killed 25 people, including two embassy staff.

Former Afghan FM: Unthinkable Taliban will cut ties with Qaeda

Afghanistan's former foreign minister Salahuddin Rabani has-dismissed the possibility of Afghanistan's Taliban rulers cutting ties with the al-Qaeda terrorist group.

Taliban say have found no clues about al-Qaeda leader’s death

The Taliban say they have not found the remains of Ayman al-Zwahiri after the alleged death of al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul.

Iranian official: Tehran will not recognize current Taliban government

Iran’s special representative to Afghanistan says the Islamic Republic is pursuing a policy of interaction with the Taliban rulers based on support for the Afghan people, adding Tehran will not recognize the current administration in Kabul as long as an inclusive government is formed.

Former Iran diplomat: Taliban still facing legitimacy issue

One year after the Taliban takeover of Kabul, a former senior Iranian diplomat says the Taliban government is yet to be accepted by the Afghan people, stressing that lack of coherence is clearly seen in the administration in Kabul.

Iran, Taliban govt. to form joint committee to end border clashes

Iran and Afghanistan have held a meeting following recent clashes between border guards in Hirmand area.

Iran interior ministry says Taliban should brief guards on border limits

Iran’s deputy interior minister for security affairs says the Taliban officials should make sure Afghan border guards know the geographical limits and frontiers of the country, to prevent tensions that flare against the will of both sides.

In first round of talks, Taliban, Masoud’s forces agree to hold fire: Report

The Taliban and a group of local fighters in Afghanistan led by Ahmad Masoud have held a first ever round of talks, agreeing to cease hostilities until a second round of talks is held, a report says.

Ex-diplomat: Taliban’s new manifesto fuels domestic, foreign radicalism

The recent grand assembly in the Afghan capital Kabul that rubber-stamped the Taliban’s rule over Afghanistan shows the movement is sticking to its totalitarian policy, a former Iranian diplomat says.

Taliban say US ‘biggest hurdle’ to intl. recognition

The Taliban have alleged the United States is blocking their way to securing international recognition for the group’s new government in Afghanistan.

Russia hints to likely recognize Taliban govt. in Afghanistan

Moscow will make a decision whether to recognize the Taliban government in Afghanistan regardless of the opinion of the United States or any other country, says Russia’s special presidential envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov.

‘Number of child laborers in Iran up 20 times since Taliban’s rise’

A senior Iranian human rights official says estimates show the number of child laborers in Iran has jumped 20 times since the Taliban group’s takeover of neighboring Afghanistan in August 2021.

Iran rejects Taliban claim on low-quality gasoline exports

Iran’s Customs Administration has rejected Taliban’s claim that they returned 12 fuel tankers containing low-quality gasoline to Iran.

US envoy raises Afghan women’s rights with Taliban FM

The US special envoy on Afghanistan has met the Taliban’s acting foreign minister in the Qatari capital Doha and stressed international opposition to the group’s expanding curbs on women and girls.

‘17 Taliban members killed in ambush in northern Afghanistan’

The spokesman of Afghanistan’s National Resistance Front (NRF) says 17 Taliban members have been killed in an ambush by the movement’s forces in the province of Panjshir, in the latest escalation between the two sides in around nine months.

Interim Afghan government calls itself inclusive

Afghanistan’s Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi says the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is an inclusive government.

Taliban order Afghan women to cover faces in public

The Taliban on Saturday ruled Afghan women must cover their faces in public, saying Burqa is the best hijab, according to a decree from the group's supreme leader.

Recognition of Taliban not on Iran’s agenda for now: Ex-envoy

A former Iranian ambassador to Afghanistan says recognition of the acting Taliban government is not on Tehran’s agenda for the time being, stressing that the new rulers in Kabul must first accept international regulations and ensure Iran’s share of water from the Helmand River.

Taliban leader urges global recognition of new Afghan government

The top Taliban leader has called on the international community to recognize the “Islamic Emirate” in Afghanistan, which the group re-established last year after taking over state affairs.

Iranian president warns of surge in Takfiri threat to regional countries

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has warned about a surge in threats against Afghanistan and other regional nations. Raisi issued the warning following a new attack targeting civilians in Afghanistan that happened on Friday.

Report: Hundreds of ex-Afghan officials, soldiers killed, kidnapped by Taliban

After seizing power in Afghanistan, the Taliban have murdered or kidnapped about 500 former Afghan officials, military personnel, and those believed to have collaborated with the United States, according to a report.

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