Several European countries mull reopening embassies in Afghanistan: Report

Several European states are considering reopening their embassies in Afghanistan in a move that would entail diplomatic recognition of the Taliban almost three years after the fall of Kabul, people familiar with the matter have claimed.

MbZ meets Taliban leader wanted by US

The acting interior minister of Afghanistan’s Taliban-led government, who has a $10m FBI bounty on his head, held a meeting with United Arab Emirates leader Mohammed bin Zayed in Abu Dhabi.

Taliban praise Russia stance on relations with Afghanistan

The Afghan government formed by the Taliban movement assesses the latest statements of the Russian authorities on relations with Afghanistan as positive, the spokesman of the Taliban government Zabihullah Mujahid has said in a commentary to TASS.

Iranian daily: Taliban on ethnic cleansing rampage of Shias, Iran silent

An Iranian newspaper has slammed officials in Iran for turning a blind eye to what it calls an ‘ethnic cleansing and killing spree of Shia Muslims’ in neighboring Afghanistan under the Taliban rulers.

Former US generals slam Biden admin. for Afghanistan withdrawal

The two top US generals who oversaw the evacuation of Afghanistan as it fell to the Taliban in August 2021 blamed the administration of President Joe Biden for the chaotic departure, telling American lawmakers that it inadequately planned for the evacuation and did not order it in time.

Afghanistan’s Taliban government accuses Pakistan of bombing civilians

Afghanistan’s Taliban government has accused Pakistan of killing eight civilians in an air raid on Monday. The group responded by opening fire on Pakistani targets, allegedly wounding seven people.

Iranian daily slams govt. for permitting Taliban to invest in Iran

An Iranian newspaper has taken a swipe at the government for giving the all clear to the Taliban to make investments in southern Iran.

Taliban boycott UN-sponsored meeting in Qatar

The Taliban refused to attend a UN-sponsored conference in Qatar, insisting that their delegation should be recognized as the sole representative of Afghanistan.

UN says Taliban enforcing restrictions on Afghan women

The United Nations has published a quarterly report detailing concerns about the human rights situation in Afghanistan, specifically focusing on the limited rights women are awarded under the Taliban rule.

Taliban brand Daesh as common Enemy of Afghanistan, Iran

Deputy prime minister of the Taliban administration for political affairs, Mohammed Abdul Kabir, has denounced the Daesh terrorist group as the common enemy of Afghanistan and Iran.

Iranian daily warns of ‘proxy’ tensions in Iran

An Iranian newspaper has raised the possibility that the Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan might be linked to the recent terrorist attack in the southeastern Iranian city of Kerman which left scores of people dead and hundreds more wounded.

Acting Afghan FM urges migrants in Iran to return home

The foreign minister of the caretaker government in Afghanistan Amir Khan Muttaqi visited representatives of Afghan migrants in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad on Monday, calling on all Afghans in Iran to return to their homeland as he said the conditions are back to normal.

Afghanistan seeks economic revival to facilitate return of Afghan immigrants

Amir Khan Mottaghi, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, expressed the nation's commitment to creating an environment conducive to the repatriation of Afghan immigrants.

Iranian daily blames Taliban for terrorist attack in Sistan and Baluchestan

An Iranian daily says the terrorist attack in Iran’s southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan on Friday should be viewed in a broader context where multiple agents, most outstandingly the Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan, are involved.

Afghanistan’s poppy supply on global market plummeted 95% since last year: Report

Opium poppy production in Afghanistan, once the world’s top supplier, has plummeted since the Taliban outlawed cultivation of the crop in 2022, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) report shows.

Iranian daily: Govt. ‘paying ransom’ in face of ‘bullying’ Taliban

A newspaper has come down heavily on the Iranian government for its “paradoxical policies” of not recognizing the caretaker administration in neighboring Afghanistan and yet hosting a top-level Taliban delegation.

Iran-Taliban intel operation foils drone attack by Israeli Mossad

A joint operation by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry and the Taliban has thwarted a drone attack by the Israeli spying service Mossad in eastern Iran.

‘Stop purifying the Taliban’, Iranian daily warns of refugees influx.

Although Iranian officials are scrambling to allay public concerns over the massive influx of Afghan refugees to Iran and also the government’s recent moves to approach the Taliban administration in neighboring Afghanistan, calls are growing that the trend has to stop.

UN cautions Afghanistan meth trade increases as Taliban clamps down on heroin

Methamphetamine trafficking in and around Afghanistan has surged in recent years, even as the Taliban have curbed heroin trafficking since taking power, according to a United Nations report on Sunday.

Rights groups denounce Taliban’s new curbs on women

Human rights groups have condemned the Taliban’s latest restrictions on Afghan women’s education and movements. The ruling Taliban administration has recently barred women from visiting one of Afghanistan’s most popular national parks and stopped them from leaving for the United Arab Emirates to study on academic scholarships.

Iranian Daily raises security alarm over growing number of Afghan refugees in Iran

The influx of refugees to Iran after the takeover of the Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan is posing a security challenge for Iran, a leading Iranian newspaper has warned.

Iranian lawmaker urges action against Taliban as water rift looms

An Iranian lawmaker has called for retaliatory measures against the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan in response to their failure to secure Iran’s water share from the Helmand River.

Iranian photojournalist released from Taliban custody

The Taliban have freed Mohammad Hossein Velayati, an Iranian photojournalist working for the Tehran-based Tasnim News Agency, after holding him in custody for a week.

Taliban ban dozens of Afghan female students from boarding flight to Dubai

Members of the Taliban government have prevented 100 female Afghan students who were given a scholarship to study at the University of Dubai from boarding their flight to the UAE.

Special Envoy for Afghanistan urges fair delivery of Iran’s water rights from Hirmand

The Iranian President’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Affairs, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, has called for the fair delivery of Iran’s water rights from the Hirmand River, also known as Helmand.

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