Friday, April 12, 2024

Dividing Iran, Afghanistan a U.S. scheme: Ambassador 

Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran's presidential envoy to Afghanistan who simultaneously serves as Tehran's ambassador to Kabul, emphasized that the United States has been hell-bent on dividing Iran and Afghanistan. 

Kazemi Qomi underlined the Islamic Republic’s commitment to forging a strategic partnership with Afghanistan during a recent meeting on water diplomacy.

Kazemi Qomi highlighted the importance of linking the economic interests of both nations and integrating their infrastructures to strengthen ties.

He underscored the shared challenge of combating terrorist elements, including Daesh, which he labeled as part of a larger scheme orchestrated by Western powers.

Addressing Afghanistan’s economic development, Kazemi Qomi pointed out that a deteriorating economy could exacerbate issues such as immigration and ISIS recruitment.

He stressed the need for enhanced cooperation between Iran and Afghanistan to address these challenges effectively.

Expressing satisfaction over the Helmand River water reaching Iran from Afghanistan, Kazemi Qomi urged a comprehensive approach to tackle the water crisis in the region.

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