Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Historical Houses of Yazd Converted into Ecotourism Hotels

Houses in the historical city of Yazd in central Iran have been turned into magnificent ecotourism hotels.

These houses have three dominant features. There is the basement which most people would use to store food. On the ground was where life was going on, and roofs were places to rest on summer nights because it is cool at nighttime.

Gradually, lifestyle in Yazd changed and roofs were sidelined.

But at the moment, people are extremely keen to visit and experience living in historical homes some of which have been converted into traditional hotels and ecotourist accommodation. Their roofs have also turned into cafés from where one can rest and enjoy the view of the city’s historical fabric.

Currently, most of these places are not allowed to host tourists and visitors in line with restrictions enforced to contain the spread of coronavirus.

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