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The latest reports and photos of Iran’s Cultural Heritage

5,000-Year-Old Monkey Skeleton Discovered in Iran

5,000-Year-Old Monkey Skeleton Discovered in Iran

A five-thousand-year-old skeleton belonging to a monkey has been discovered in southeastern Iran.

Baghleq; Ancient Cemetery with Standing Wooden Posts

The Baghleq cemetery is an ancient graveyard located in northeastern Iran with standing wooden posts.
World’s Smallest Prayer Book Held in Iranian Cathedral

World’s Smallest Prayer Book Held in Iranian Cathedral

The Vank Cathedral of Isfahan, which is considered a unique structure in the Christian world for its Persian architecture, is home to the world's smallest prayer book.

Iran’s History on Show in Asian Civilization Exhibition

Iran is participating in an exhibition underway in the Chinese capital of Beijing dedicated to showcasing Asian Civilization.

US to Return Remaining Achaemenid Inscriptions to Iran

Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) says the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago is ready to deliver another batch of the remaining Achaemenid inscriptions in its possession to Iran.

Ancient Homo Sapien Skull Discovered in Iran

Part of an ancient skull belonging a homo sapien (wise man) has been discovered in an archaeological site in western Iran.

Holy Quran Attributed to First Shiite Imam Unveiled in Iran

Iran has unveiled an old manuscript of the holy Quran, which is attributed to Imam Ali, the first Shiite Imam, and considered one of the oldest and most complete manuscripts of the holy book.

Iran’s Ardestan Home to World’s Only Two-Story Aqueduct

The two-story aqueduct of Iran’s Ardestan, known as “Moon Aqueduct”, is the strangest and the only two-story qanat in the world.

Fire in Grand Bazaar of Tabriz Wounds 16, Burns 100 Stores

Firefighters have managed to contain a fire that engulfed the grand bazaar of Tabriz, a world heritage site and the world’s largest covered bazaar, on Wednesday night.

Amir Chakhmaq Cistern of Yazd; A Museum Underground

Amir Chakhmaq water reservoir, a remnant of the Timurid era, is one of the unique water storage facilities of the Iranian city of Yazd.

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