Thursday, May 30, 2024

Historical relics on display at Iranian museum

Eleven silver and golden antiquities dating back to the Achaemenid and Sasanid eras have been unveiled at a museum in Iran’s western city of Hamdedan.

The relics were unearthed at archeological sites in Hamedan.

They are being kept at the National Museum of Iran, but are on loan to Hamedan’s Hegmataneh museum to be showcased.

The antique objects included a golden cup with the shape of a lion’s head and a bird’s wing, an Achaemenid golden dagger, a silver plate belonging to the Sasanid era, an Achaemenid stone column capital inscribed with the image of a cow, an Achaemenid gold bowl, and Achaemenid silver amphora, a silver plate engraved with the image of a Sasanid queen and an Achaemenid gold bracelet.

More in pictures:

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