Sunday, December 3, 2023

400 pieces of 10 million-year-old fossils unearthed in Iran’s northwest

Some 400 pieces of fossils dating back to 10 million years ago have been discovered near Iran’s northwestern city of Maragheh, the director general of the Environmental Protection Office of East Azarbaijan Province revealed on Tuesday.

Shahnam Ashtari visited the archeological site in the Ahagh village, which is in the final stages of the excavation of the fossils that are left from different animals, including horses, saber-toothed tigers, deer, gazelle, giraffe, rhinoceros, elephant and other carnivorous animals.

Ashtari said, “One of the important features of the Ahagh site is the high density of the fossils and that the fossils and fragments are intact.”

The extracted pieces will be sent to the Paleontology Research Center in Maragheh for further study.

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