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Iran tourism: Mohtasham Garden’s statues in Rasht, northern Iran

City Park or Mohtasham Garden is the oldest park of the northern Iranian city of Rasht, the capital of Guilan Province. Statues made out of trees and reshaped by artists have been put in the park.

The Mohtasham Garden area is the main resort of the people of Rasht, which was built during the Qajar era. It dates back to the reign of Nasereddin Shah, a Qajar king.

This garden or park has a special place in terms of history, culture and art. In the distant past, it was so vast that if you set foot on Mohtasham Garden without a guide, you would get lost.

Gradually, with the expansion of the city of Rasht, the need for new streets was felt more and more. Hence, the recession of the garden’s boundaries.

Iran tourism: Mohtasham Garden’s statues in Rasht, northern Iran

A potted history of Mohtasham Garden

A rich Iranian man named Akbar Khan Biglar Beygi built this garden during the rule of Nasereddin Shah. The small and slender saplings that were planted at that time at the order of Akbar Khan are today strong trees that make up Rasht’s City park.

Kolah Farangi Mansion inside Mohtasham Garden

Around that time, they paved the interior of this beautiful garden and built a magnificent summer mansion called Kolah Farangi Mansion in its center. All actions taken in this garden were done under the supervision of Akbar Khan.

But what is interesting is that the building looks like a three-story building from the outside.

The first and second floors have two rooms each. On the upper floor, there is a large octagonal room with a window on each side, which opens onto the garden.

Proper exposure and air conditioning in hot seasons of the year were done through these windows.

Iran tourism: Mohtasham Garden’s statues in Rasht, northern Iran

The Cultural Heritage Department of Guilan Province has turned this mansion into a center for teaching traditional arts at all levels.

The mansion was declared a cultural heritage site of Iran in 1996.

The reason why this mansion and others were named Kolah Farangi was the resemblance of the upper floor to a cylindrical or Farangi hat. The new Kolah Farangis are the stalls and kiosks located in city squares.

Facilities of Mohtsham Garden or City Park in Rasht

You can see all the facilities that a large park needs in Mohtasham Garden. A sports field, a children’s playground, public sports equipment, a prayer hall, tennis tables, a rock climbing wall, toilets and rest benches are among the facilities of this beautiful park.

Sightseeing places around Mohtsham Garden

Rasht Bazaar, Safi Mosque, Rasht National Library, Haji Bath, the Mirza Koochak Khan Jangali House and Danaye Ali Mausoleum are among the closest interesting places in Rasht to this old park.

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