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Tehran mayor refutes accusations China transportation deal will ‘undermine’ domestic production

The mayor of the Iranian capital has rejected criticisms that his recent visit to China meant to strike a deal with Beijing to help overhaul Tehran’s transportation system is a ‘stab in the back’ of indigenous production and technology.

Bombing threat forces Iranian airliner to land in Hamburg, Germany

The CEO of Iran's national flagship Iran Air says an unknown person sent an email to the German police, claiming that a bomb had been planted on a flight heading to Hambrug from Tehran.

Official says 130,000 ships dock annually at Iranian ports

Iran’s deputy roads and urban development minister has announced that 130,000 ships dock at the country’s ports annually in defiance of US sanctions.

Iran, Venezuela launch direct shipping line to further boost bilateral trade

Tehran’s Embassy in Caracas says a direct shipping line connecting Iran to Venezuela was launch last month with the goal of supporting the trade ties between the economic sectors of the two countries.

Iran’s ATA Airlines rejects rumors of explosion during Najaf-Tehran flight

Iran’s ATA Airlines offers an apology and an explanation over a problem that delayed a Najaf-Tehran flight, dismissing rumors about an explosion prior to take-off or the plane’s deviation from the runway.

Iran Air reports 60% surge in int’l flights

A senior official with Iran’s transportation ministry said the country’s flag carrier Iran Air has increased the number of its international flights by 60% in the calendar year to late March.

Iranian plane makes emergency landing after tire blows out

An ATA airlines passenger plane blew a tire after takeoff on Saturday morning in northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad, but the pilot managed to land the plane with 168 passengers and crew on board safely.

Russia, China, India after investment in Iranian transit routes as part of INSTC: Deputy min.

Iran’s deputy minister for roads and urban development says Russia, China, and India have sought investment opportunities in an Iranian transit network that, once completed, would be part of the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC).

IRGC launches airport on Iran’s Greater Tunb Island

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps has launched an airport on the Iranian island of Greater Tunb in the Persian Gulf.

Ministry: Iran’s rail transit highest in 10 years

The Iranian Roads and Urban Development’s report on nine-month rail transit indicates that the sector has recorded the highest increase over the past 10 years.

Iranian taxi apps down

Iranian Taxi apps Snapp and Tapsi are down due to unknown reason.

Iran says to pursue legal case against Airbus, ATR

Tehran will pursue its legal case against international plane manufacturers, Airbus and ATR, over their failure to supply spare parts to the Iranian airlines, the country’s civil aviation chief says. The related contracts were signed before the United States re-imposed sanctions on Iran in 2018.

Russian official: North-South Corridor vital for cooperation with Iran

A Russian trade official has described the north-south transit corridor, a major portion of which passes through Iran, as of vital significance for Tehran and Moscow.

Trade activity resumes at Iran-Afghanistan border crossing

An Iranian customs spokesman says after the normalization of the situation at the Malik border in Sistan and Baluchestan province, commercial activity has resumed at this crossing between Iran and Afghanistan.

Iran airline hit by cyber attack

Iran’s Mahan Airways says no flight system has been affected after the airline was targeted by a cyber attack.

Armenian PM: Problem of Iranian trucks traveling to Yerevan solved

Armenian Prime Minister Niko Pashinyan has said Iranian trucks can use the Tatev-Aghvani alternative road to travel to the Republic of Azerbaijan without paying customs duties from now on. Pashinyan was speaking at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on Thursday.

Remains of 16th-century ship found off Caspian Sea

The remnants of a ship dating back to the 16th century have been discovered off the coast of the Caspian Sea in the north of Iran.

Data: Iran’s monthly oil export revenues at $1.3bn

Iran has been earning an average of around $1.3 billion per month in oil revenues despite sanctions imposed by the United States, a report shows.

Data analysis: Iran releases Vietnam oil tanker

A Vietnamese oil tanker seized by Iran was reportedly released in open water on Wednesday. The tanker, blocked by Tehran off the Sea of Oman, was carrying confiscated Iranian oil to an unknown destination.

Iran-Turkmenistan land trade booming

An Iranian official says the export of goods by truck from the city of Sarakhs bordering Turkmenistan to the neighboring country has tripled compared to the previous week.

Iran’s first electric car hits streets

Iranian Vice President for Scientific Affairs Sorena Sattari on Friday announced the country will soon unveil more technological and scientific achievements in the near future among them electric cars. Sattari added that people will see that the cars are beautiful.

EU ends risk warning for Iranian airspace

The European Union's aviation safety agency has not extended a previous risk warning to European airliners flying over Iran over safety concern. That’s according to Acting Chairman of Iranian Civil Aviation Agency Siavash Amirmokri.

Iran, Turkmenistan agree to expand trade relations

Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development Rostam Ghassemi says Iran and Turkmenistan have agreed to improve relations in the fields of transport, energy and trade.

Iran-Turkmenistan Border Open; Trade Underway: Border Guard Chief

Iran’s border guard chief says the border between the country and Turkmenistan has reopened.

Official: Iran-Afghan trade back to normal

Spokesman for Iran’s Customs Office says trade with Afghanistan has returned to normal.

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