Sunday, June 23, 2024

Official says 130,000 ships dock annually at Iranian ports

Iran’s deputy roads and urban development minister has announced that 130,000 ships dock at the country’s ports annually in defiance of US sanctions.

Referring to the annual docking of 130,000 vessels at Iran’s ports, Ali Akbar Safaei said foreign investment has been made under FDI in the shipping, port and logistics fields despite the sanctions imposed against the country.

Various expert-level sessions and fruitful talks have been held with the neighboring and target countries in the maritime and ports sector, he stated, adding, “In addition, we succeeded in concentrating a major part of the foreign investment on the construction of International North-South Transport Corridor.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the chief executive of Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) pointed to a trilateral meeting held recently between Iran, India and Russia and stressed that the country will witness the attraction of significant foreign investment in the shipping, portal and logistics fields.

Preventing Iran from sending its ships to international waters was one of the main aims of ill-wishers of the country, he said, adding that Iran is equipped with the world’s most modern technology in the transportation industry.

With designing the automatic monitoring systems of the vessels, radar systems and electronic maps, the Ports and Maritime Organization has managed to design the integrated system in line with monitoring any transit and activity of the vessels precisely, Safaei highlighted.

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