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Iran’s ATA Airlines rejects rumors of explosion during Najaf-Tehran flight

Iran’s ATA Airlines offers an apology and an explanation over a problem that delayed a Najaf-Tehran flight, dismissing rumors about an explosion prior to take-off or the plane’s deviation from the runway.

Reports said on Thursday that Ata Airlines Flight 6644, which was supposed to depart from the Iraqi city of Najaf to Mashhad, in northeastern Iran, at 20:00, was diverted from the runway before take-off due to a technical glitch.

There were also reports of a blast at the site.

ATA Airlines, however, rejected the rumors in a statement and said the pilot decided to stop the flight after receiving an error concerning a discharge of nitrogen from the front tires.

The problem caused vibrations in the plane, prompting the pilot to stop the flight on the runway based on the instruction, according to the statement.

In order to ensure the flight’s safety, it added, the plane was handed over to the maintenance specialists of ATA Airlines at the airport, and the passengers and the flight crew were settled in a hotel while the issue was being taken care of.

“The rumors about the explosion and diversion to the runway are dismissed. The health [of the passengers] and flight safety are the main priority of ATA Airlines and we apologize for the unwanted delay,” it added.

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