Sunday, July 3, 2022

Iran Sanctions

A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on Jan 17

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Sunday and picked headlines from 21 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Iran: All sanctions to be annulled today

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says “all oppressive sanctions imposed against the Islamic Republic will be annulled today.”

Obama lifts ban on aircraft sale to Iran

US President Barack Obama has lifted a decades-old ban on the export of civilian passenger aircraft to Iran as Tehran prepares to see sanctions relief.

JCPOA would be over before it ever began if …

Alef, a principlist Iranian news website, has suggested that the eleventh government’s possible tolerance of the US breach of the Iran nuclear deal is unacceptable.

Iran president says PMD closure ‘big success’

President Rouhani has said that international sanctions imposed against the Islamic Republic of Iran will have been removed early next year.

US Visa Waiver Program will push foreign investment in Iran down to zero

An Iranian economist has said that a monkey wrench has been thrown into the works of Iran’s economy in the form of a US congressional bill, adding that Iranian officials should oppose the bill which violates JCPOA.

Iran: Sanctions to be lifted in ‘next few days’

The Iranian oil minister calls on leading energy companies to re-open their offices in Iran in order to get Iranian support. Tag: Iran-sanction

Foreign Ministry has won the hearts and minds of Iranians

President Rouhani has said that the world has learnt that the settlement of a number of regional problems is all but impossible in Iran’s absence.

Iran not to implement JCPOA until sanctions repealed: MPs

In a letter to President Rouhani, 213 MPs said no practical measure should be taken with regard to the implementation of JCPOA before the lifting of US and EU sanctions.

Iran welcomes German investment in industry sector

Industry Minister Nematzadeh has said that Iran, Afghanistan and Germany can make profitable investment in different mining and industrial sectors.

Rouhani: Iran to destroy wall of illegal sanctions in coming weeks

The post-sanctions era will be calmer and ideal for production and investment, the president said.

Iran nuclear deal cannot fix all economic problems

Sadegh Zibakalam, an Iranian political analyst, has said that unaccountability is a problem bigger than sanctions for Iran, adding that the country should learn lessons from other nations on fixing the economy.

Elections, not negotiations defeated sanctions: Zarif

Iran is not a threat to any country; on the contrary, it contributes to security, said Foreign Minister Zarif.

Iran’s economy grows if and when helped by the younger generation

The head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce warns of a new class of rich people who were born under the previous government, saying they can become the bane of Iran’s economy.

EU extends freeze on Iran sanctions until Jan. 2016

The European Union has extended a freeze on sanctions imposed against Iran over its nuclear program after talks between Tehran and the P5+1 group of countries reached a conclusion.

It is the turn of others to let go of sanctions

President Rouhani’s cultural advisor has said that others, not Iran, should make their hard choices, bring down the curtain on anti-Iran sanctions and use respectful language when speaking to Iranians.

For Iran: Life on equal footing; For the world: diplomacy, not war

Sadegh Zibakalam, a political analyst, says that the example of Iran-P5+1 talks can be followed to settle some global crises, adding the nuclear deal is likely to redraw the region’s political map.

Iran vows to double oil exports after sanctions lifted

Iran’s deputy oil minister says oil exports will reach 2.3 million barrels, compared with around 1.2 million barrels a day today.

Sanctions-hit Iran ports come back to life

International shipping lines are stepping up port calls to Iran as the country’s massive maritime trade sector is emerging from sanctions.

Laylaz: Iran’s economy is not sanctionable (PART TWO)

If we had acted before the economy plunged into this crisis, sanctions would definitely have failed to bite.

Laylaz: Iran’s economy is not sanctionable (PART ONE)

Saeed Laylaz, an Iranian economist, says that mismanagement of the previous government has caused the country more losses than sanctions.

We are open to reason; so we don’t need to be worried: Rafsanjani

The top councilor criticized those who view interaction with the rest of the world as humiliating, urging them to stop shouting slogans that interfere with the country's progress.

US says working to block nine Iranian jets

The head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization said that the US did not have the right to block the planes on international trips but Iran had to get ready for any eventuality.

Iran needs to get ready for the post-sanctions era

Iran’s standard chief says accreditation helps the country start doing business and rendering services on the same footing with its international counterparts.

Beneath the surface of Iran’s nuclear talks

Khorasan daily has divided the nuclear talks into three periods, explaining what has happened during each period and what the Iranian team should do before the July 1 deadline.

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