Sunday, July 3, 2022

Iran Sanctions

Those who have vested interest in sanctions should change their job

President Rouhani has said through nuclear talks Iran wants to prove to the world that anti-Iran charges are false.

EU’s sanctions bring about loss of confidence: Afkham

Iran says revoking a European court decision to lift the bans leads to loss of confidence as Iran and P5+1 are still in talks to clinch a nuclear accord by the end of June.

Foreign insurance companies eyeing Iran’s market after Lausanne statement: Official

If the Western sanctions against Iran are lifted, Iran’s insurance industry will need foreign investment more than anything else, said the chairman of Iran Central Insurance Company.

FM reiterates inefficiency of sanctions policy against Iran

Zarif described respect and negotiations as the only things that would produce results when it comes to nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1.

Iran’s economic woes predate sanctions: Larijani

Economic independence is not tantamount to slamming the doors shut to the world, said Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani.

More or fewer sanctions?

Many people on social networks believe that the decision is aimed at turning up the heat on Iran.

Anti-Iran sanctions will be removed

The Iranian oil chief has said that the government and its nuclear negotiators have always been under the auspices of the Supreme Leader whose “expediencies and guidance” will help rid the country of sanctions.

Global inequality aggravated by sanctions: Iranian envoy

The destructive sanctions have obstructed the victim countries’ achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, said the head of Iran’s UN mission.

Obama threatens to veto Iran sanctions again

President Obama has threatened in his State-of-the-Union speech that he would veto any congressional bill that would slap additional sanctions on Iran.

Iran to expedite nuclear program if US fails to lift sanctions

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has said that Iranian lawmakers are seeking to ratify a bill to resume nuclear enrichment if new Western sanctions are imposed on Iran.

Iranian players fire two shots at sanctions

The Portuguese coach of Iran's national soccer team Carlos Queiroz has dismissed sanctions as an unfair tool victimizing his squad.

FM: Iran seeks removal of all sanctions

Underlying Iran’s determination to settle its nuclear dispute with the West, Zarif said the removal of all sanctions is an essential component of any agreement between Iran and P5+1.

Iran Blasts West’s “Unlawful” Sanctions

Nuclear talks will bear fruit only if the Western parties come to the understanding that “unfair sanctions do not amount to a great achievement for them”, Zarif said.

Iran becomes the ninth member of an exclusive club of nations tapping geothermal energy

Almost a dozen areas across Iran are suitable for generation of geothermal energy.

Western sanctions against Iran contradict human rights

The secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council says Iranians put their weight behind President Rouhani’s government regardless of the result of nuclear talks with P5+1.

Iran firm wins compensation from EU in sanctions case

An EU court dismissed the allegations against an Iranian company on charges that it had provided equipment for Fordow nuclear site, ordering 50,000 euros in indemnity.

Iran lawmakers urge full removal of sanctions

Iranian MPs have asked for the lifting of all sanctions immediately after the conclusion of a final nuclear deal with P5+1, calling on the nuclear team not to accept any restrictions on enrichment and research activities related to nuclear fuel cycle.

Iran slams EU’s fresh bans against Iranian institutions, companies

Tehran has blasted the imposition by the European Union of fresh sanctions on some Iranian companies and institutes, saying it contradicts the purpose of the ongoing nuclear talks.

Sanctions failed to yield intended results: Iran’s FM

Iran's Mohammad Javad Zarif says that sanctions against Iran have not produced good results for the imposing countries.

Araghchi: Sanctions increasing Iranians’ hatred for West

Iran's senior nuclear negotiator, Abbas Araghchi, says the unilateral sanctions against Tehran have done nothing but to stir up Iranians' hatred for the West.

Extremism, violence are natural outcome of discrimination

Iran’s foreign ministry official, Abbas Araghchi, says that discriminatory policies are to blame for the spread of extremism and violence [in the world].

Iran not to regress to state before nuclear talks

President Hassan Rouhani says that Iran will not go back to the state before nuclear talks, predicting a promising ending to the ongoing negotiations.

Iran categorically rejects Reuters compromise report

Iran debunks the report by Reuters that the Leader would be content with a partial lifting of sanctions.

Oil giants keen to return to Iran’s oil, gas sector

An Iranian oil company director says a final nuclear agreement between Tehran and G5+1 would see the return of world oil giants to Iran.

Senior German MP urges lifting of Iran sanctions

A senior German MP has called on the Berlin government to remove Iran's sanctions, saying the lifting could help boost economic growth in Germany.

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