Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Iran Sanctions

Extremism, violence are natural outcome of discrimination

Iran’s foreign ministry official, Abbas Araghchi, says that discriminatory policies are to blame for the spread of extremism and violence [in the world].

Iran not to regress to state before nuclear talks

President Hassan Rouhani says that Iran will not go back to the state before nuclear talks, predicting a promising ending to the ongoing negotiations.

Iran categorically rejects Reuters compromise report

Iran debunks the report by Reuters that the Leader would be content with a partial lifting of sanctions.

Oil giants keen to return to Iran’s oil, gas sector

An Iranian oil company director says a final nuclear agreement between Tehran and G5+1 would see the return of world oil giants to Iran.

Senior German MP urges lifting of Iran sanctions

A senior German MP has called on the Berlin government to remove Iran's sanctions, saying the lifting could help boost economic growth in Germany.

Foreign threats run counter to UN Charter: Iran

Unfair sanctions targeting Iran’s peaceful nuclear program stand in contrast with the UN charter and the rule of law.

Politicizing approach towards Iran to hurt World Bank’s credit

Iran’s economy minister took a swipe at unfair sanctions and the politicized approach of the World Bank toward Iran.

Iran’s oil industry needs $200 b. in investment: Minister

The Iranian oil minister says countries that hold talks with Iran before the lifting of sanctions will have an edge over others that wait until after the sanctions are removed.

Britain annuls sanctions on Iranian entities, businessman

The British Treasury says it has repealed an asset freeze on five Iranian entities following an EU court verdict.

From the fight against Ebola to the war on ISIL

While world is concerned with an Ebola outbreak and the threat of ISIL, the destructive impact of sanctions on the healthcare of Iranians persists.

G77, China slam unilateral sanctions against Iran

G77 and China describe imposition of sanctions on Iran as unacceptable.

Iran’s Zarif slams US-led sanctions against Tehran

Iran’s foreign minister has slammed the US-led sanctions against the Islamic Republic over its nuclear energy program.

Sanctions oppression, aggression against Iran

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says sanctions must be confronted because they constitute oppression and violation of the rights of a nation.

US imposes more sanctions on Iranian individuals, companies

The United States has imposed new sanctions on more than 25 Iranian individuals and companies.

Sanctions will fail to stop Iran nuclear energy program: Zarif

Iranian foreign minister says Tehran’s peaceful nuclear program has not stopped in the face of unilateral sanctions and will never be halted.

Sanctions are not to blame for a rise in unemployment

Economists blame wrong policies rather than sanctions for Iran’s unemployment crisis.

Europe and the US unfairly slap sanctions on Iran – Official

Mohsen Rezaei tells Austrian ambassador Europe and the US draw on fabrications and biased reports to issue statements against Iran and unfairly slap sanctions on us.

Iran sanctions cost US economy $175bn: NIAC

The US sanctions against Iran have cost Washington as much as USD 175 billion dollars in losses for not doing business with the Islamic Republic, a Washington-based think-tank has found.

West lies about medical sanctions: Iran health minister

Iranian health minister has slammed Western governments, saying they lie about not having imposed embargoes on Iran’s purchase of medications and medical equipment.

Latest news of International publishers at 27th TIBF

Secretary of the International Publishers Committee at the 27th Tehran International Book Fair says the economic sanctions imposed on Iran restricted the financial sources for purchasing new foreign books and compared to the earlier years, their numbers have been reduced in the book fair.

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