Monday, May 20, 2024

Extremism, violence are natural outcome of discrimination

Iran’s foreign ministry official, Abbas Araghchi, says that discriminatory policies are to blame for the spread of extremism and violence [in the world].

A senior Foreign Ministry official says the spread of extremism and violence has been the outcome of discriminatory policies.

Abbas Araghchi, who serves as a deputy in the ministry for legal and international affairs, made the remarks in Tehran on Wednesday on the sidelines of a ceremony to observe the United Nations Day.

He further said that the outcome of discrimination, injustice and bullying policies in the international arena is nothing but marginalization of culture and spread of extremism and violence.

He added that Iran has been a victim of war, violence and terrorism.

The Foreign Ministry official said Iran has always advocated a world of peace, tranquility and development based on human dignity and balance.

He also said that dialogue would open a door to peace, coexistence and equilibrium.

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