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The latest news and views about the nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers, also known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)

UN Envoy: Iran Can Ill Afford One-Way Commitment to JCPOA

Iran cannot continue to honour the 2015 nuclear deal unilaterally anymore, the country’s ambassador to the United Nations has said.

Iran to Speed Up Uranium Enrichment as of Thursday

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) says the country’s enriched uranium stockpiles will surpass the 300kg limit set by the Iran nuclear deal and Tehran will speed up enriching uranium as of Thursday.

Iran Prepared to Confront Any Aggression, Rouhani Tells Macron

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Islamic Republic is not seeking a war with the US but is ready to confront any aggression.

No More Reason for Iran to Keep to JCOPA: Senior Diplomat

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Abbas Araqchi says Europe’s inaction leaves Iran with no choice but to stop a one-way commitment to the 2015 nuclear deal.

US Must Give More Concessions If Seeks Deal beyond JCPOA: Iran

A presidential advisor says if the United States wants something more than the 2015 nuclear deal, it needs to give Iran concessions beyond those of the JCPOA.

Iran Says 2nd Phase of Scaling Back JCPOA Commitments ‘More Serious’

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has warned the European parties to the JCPOA that if they do not take a significant step within the few coming days, Tehran’s second phase of scaling down its nuclear deal commitments will begin more seriously.

Europe Not Active Enough to Save JCPOA: German MP

A member the German Parliament says Europe has not shown an appropriate reaction to the US in order to preserve the Iran nuclear deal in the face of Washington’s sanctions on Tehran.

Iran Says No Reason Left for It to Honour Nuclear Deal

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Seyyed Abbas Araqchi says the Europeans' failure to fulfil their commitments under the Iran nuclear deal has left Iran no choice but to stop honouring its obligations.

Era of Gunboat Diplomacy Is Over: Iranian Nuclear Official

Spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) has reminded the US government of the futility of gunboat diplomacy, saying Tehran will press ahead with uranium enrichment plans.

Macron’s Adviser in Iran for Talks on Regional Tensions

French President Emmanuel Macron’s top diplomatic adviser has arrived in Iran for a series of talks for alleviating tensions in the Middle East.

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