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Latest news about Jordan-Iran relations – The latest news and views about bilateral relations between Iran and Jordan

Iran Says Israel Benefits from Jordan Developments

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh says Israel's fingerprint can be found in any "sedition" in Islamic countries, including the recent developments in Jordan.

Jordan Following US Dictates on Iran to Get Brownie Points

Fearful of US National Security Advisor John Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, Jordan is acting against Iran to get brownie points.

Iran Condemns Deadly Terrorist Attack in Jordan

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has strongly denounced a recent terrorist operation in Jordan, which left several people dead and wounded.

Bin Salman Holds Secret Meeting with Netanyahu in Jordan: Report

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has secretly met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Royal Jordanian Palace during his recent visit to Amman, a media report says.

Iran President Calls for Enhanced Cooperation with Jordan

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has sent a congratulatory letter to Jordan's King Abdullah II over anniversary of the kingdom’s independence, saying Muslim countries now need unity and cooperation more than ever.

“Iran Has Intelligence Data on Bases in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE,...

A top Iranian Army commander said the country has detailed intelligence data on the military bases in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Iran President, Jordan King Meet for First Time in 15 Years

Iran's president and Jordan's king have reportedly held a brief meeting on the sidelines of a special summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Turkey.

“Jordan King’s Anti-Iran Claims against Mideast Realities”

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has dismissed the recent remarks by Jordan’s king on Tehran’s regional policies, saying such accusations are in contradiction to the realities of the region.

US Condoles with Iran over Deadly Earthquake

The US Department of State has offered its condolences to the Iranian and Iraqi people affected by the tragic earthquake that has so far killed 430 and wounded 7370 people.

Jordanian King’s View of Mideast Developments ‘Shallow’: Iran

Iran’s Foreign Ministry rejected as “ill-advised” the comments made by king of Jordan who has accused Iran of being involved in strategic problems in the Middle East, saying his move to put Iran on the same list with ISIS demonstrates his shallow view of the regional developments.