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Jordan Rejects US’ Call for Joining ‘Arab NATO’ against Iran

A new report suggests that Jordan has rejected US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s call on Amman to join an Arab military coalition against Iran, arguing that it is not going to fan the flames of tension in the region any more.

The report by Alkhaleej Online, quoting sources close to the Jordan government, said the US has requested Jordan on several occasions to join the alliance which is going to be built up in the next couple of weeks against the Islamic Republic and Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement.

“The negative response by the Jordanian government to Pomepo’s request has been resolute and decisive,” Alkhaleej Online said.

According to the report, given its bad experience of war on Syria which had serious fallouts, Jordan has no intention to join any regional or international alliance in the future.

“Meanwhile, Jordan has told the US officials that the country is set to improve its relations with all of the neighbouring states. Meanwhile, Jordan plans to mediate between the Houthis and Yemen’s former government to protect Yemenis’ interests,” the report added.

Earlier, Jordanian Foreign Minister Kamel Abu Jaber announced that his country is revising its regional and international stances to better protect its national interests. To this end, he said, Jordan has no plan to join any new alliance in the future.

In an interview with Alkhaleej Online on Jordan’s ties with Iran, Hamed Al-Kharisha, Head of Strategic Studies Centre in Jordan, said Amman has always sought to improve relations with the regional states but “we should also take into account the country’s relations with the US. In overall, Jordan is trying to establish a new framework without entering any new regional alliance.”

He went on to say that Jordan has reached the conclusion that economic interests are more important compared with political issues. “Jordan is seeking to play the role of a regional firefighter and do whatever in its power to prevent regional tensions like what we see in Yemen and Syria.”

Al-Kharisha underlined that Jordan is against any anti-Iran policies and said Amman is seeking to normalize its ties with the regional states.

Jordan recently called for returning its ambassador to Qatar after recalling him under the pressure of Saudi Arabia last year. A former deputy prime minister has also called for improving ties with Tehran.

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