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US, France Call for Immediate End to Yemen War

The US secretaries of state and defence as well as the French defence minister have called for an immediate cessation of the devastating war in Yemen, which was launched by Saudi Arabia and its allies since 2015.

US’ Threats against ICC Reveal Its Double Standards on War Crime

The US officials’ remarks against the International Court of Justice (ICC) over its decision to probe into Washington’s war crimes in Afghanistan reveal the country’s double-standard policies towards war crime, a political commentator says.

Veteran US Senator McCain Dies at 81

John McCain, a Vietnam War veteran who later served as a US senator for six terms, has died at the age of 81 over an aggressive brain tumour.
Turks Break iPhones into Pieces in Response to Erdogan’s Call

Turks Break iPhones into Pieces in Response to Erdogan’s Call

A number of Turkish citizens have broken their iPhones into pieces in response to a call by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to boycott US electronics amid escalating tensions between Ankara and Washington.

US President Signs $717 Billion Military Budget into Law

US President Donald Trump has signed the 2019 US military spending bill into law, authorizing the Defense Department to invest around $717 billion into military strategies that will target Russia and China.

“Biggest Threat to US Is Trump, Not Iran”

A senior advisor to the Iranian president says the biggest threat to the US is not Iran but its own president whose job is to “sell lies” and “bully” other people.

“Trump Resolved to Destroy European Union”

An Iranian newspaper says the US aims to destroy the European Union, and Trump is the flag bearer of the collapse of the bloc.

Britons Design Creative Trump Blimps to Protest His Visit (+Photos)

British activists and citizens made creative effigies of US President Donald Trump in the capital London to express their protest at his visit to the UK.

Trump’s Policies to Lead to Multipolar World: British Analyst

British political analyst Rodney Shakespeare says the selfish policies adopted by US President Donald Trump will undermine transatlantic relations and finally lead to a multipolar world.

“US’ Unilateralism Could Trigger World War III”

A top Iranian official says the Trump administration’s unilateralism could push the world towards a third World War.

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