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Iran-Canada Relations

UK, Canada, Ukraine, Sweden pursue ‘political objectives’ by taking legal action at UN court against Iran: Foreign Ministry

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has announced that the UK, Canada, Ukraine and Sweden have failed to live by their own stated commitments to resolving the row over the downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane in 2020 through diplomatic channels by referring the case to the World Court. The ministry stressed that the four Western countries were pursuing their "political objectives and interests" by taking legal action at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Iran.

Iran files complaint against Canada at UN court for breaching state immunity

Iran has launched legal proceedings at the United Nation’s top court against Canada for breaching Tehran’s state immunity by designating the country a sponsor of terrorism under “false and wrongful” allegations.

Spokesman: Canada not cooperating in extradition of ex-Iran bank chief

The spokesman for the Iranian Judiciary says the Canadian government does not cooperate with Iran in the extradition of the former CEO of National Bank of Iran (Bank Melli Iran), who is accused of multi-billion dollar corruption.

Iran says Canada-drafted UN resolution on human rights “one-sided”, “unrealistic”

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has totally rejected as one-sided and unrealistic a resolution adopted at the United Nations General Assembly’s Third Committee on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic.

Iran sanctions Canadian officials, daily over “support for terrorism, inciting unrest”

Iran has imposed sanctions on some Canadian officials, including the country’s Minister of Public Safety, as well as a Canadian newspaper over “their support for terrorism.”

Iran says Canada’s targeting of media outlets reveals Western hypocrisy

Tehran has slammed Otawa’s fresh sanctions on Iranian media outlets. Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani stressed that the move is in violation of the basic rights of the Iranians and exposes the “West’s empty rhetoric” regarding free access to information and freedom of expression.

Iran’s judiciary rejects former banker’s repatriation from Canada

Iran’s Judiciary Spokesman has rejected reports that former President of the country’s Bank Melli has been arrested and will be repatriated to Iran.

Canada admits canceled football match against Iran for political reasons

Canada has acknowledged that it cancelled a friendly football match against Iran for political reasons, saying the match had become “divisive”.

“Iran team has authority to hold direct talks with US”

The vice chairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission says the Iranian negotiating team has the authorization to hold direct talks with the US in Vienna.

‘Serious doubts about Canada’s goodwill over human rights

Iran’s Eghtesadonline news website has posted a commentary on Canada’s recent move to extradite an agent of the former Iranian regime’s intelligence apparatus SAVAK to the Islamic Republic.

Tehran decries Israel-backed Canadian resolution against Iran

Tehran has lashed out at Canada for proposing an anti-Iran human rights resolution at the UN General Assembly with the backing of a handful of other regimes, including Israel.

Iran Dismisses Canada Accusations on Downed Ukrainian Airliner

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Mohsen Baharvand has strongly criticised a report by a special Canadian team that accused Tehran of incompetence and recklessness over the Ukrainian passenger plane crash in Iran last year.

Canada Once Again Bars Iranian Expatriates from Voting in Iran Elections

The Ottawa government has once again stripped the Iranian expatriates living in Canada of their right to vote in Iran's presidential elections, an Iranian election official said.

Iran Sympathises with Canada’s Indigenous Community

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh has expressed sympathy with Canada's Indigenous community over the newly-discovered "genocide" of Indigenous children, urging the Ottawa government to think of its dark past before claiming to be an advocate of human rights.

Canada Has No Jurisdiction over Ukrainian Plane Crash Case: Iran

Iran’s Judiciary spokesman says Canadian courts have no jurisdiction over the case on the Ukrainian plane crash which occurred in Iran more than a year ago.

Canada Doing Business with Grief of Ukraine Plane Crash Victims’ Families: Iran

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh has dismissed as legally unfounded a court verdict issued by a Canadian court regarding the 2020 Ukrainian plane crash, saying that Ottawa is expected to show the behaviour of a mature government instead of playing with the sentiments of the survivors.

Iran Denies CBC’s Claim Ukrainian Plane Shot Down ‘Intentionally’

The Iranian president says the people’s resistance and the government’s prudence during the three-year US economic war on Iran crushed former American President Donald Trump.

Tehran Blasts Canada for Working with US to Block Sales of Medicines to Iran

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman has hit out at the Canadian government for contributing to Washington’s efforts to block the transfer of medicines to Iran.

Iran Deplores Adoption of Human Rights Resolution at UNGA

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Saeed Khatibzadeh has denounced the adoption of a resolution against Iran by the UN General Assembly.

Iran Condemns Canada’s Human Rights Resolution

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh has dismissed as unacceptable and lacking legal grounds a draft human rights resolution put forward by the Canadian government at the UN as well as Ottawa’s rehashing of groundless allegations based on unreal and fabricated reports.

Iran Summons Italian Ambassador over Canada’s Anti-Tehran Stance

The Italian ambassador to Tehran whose country represents Canadian interests in Iran has been summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Iran Raps Canadian FM’s ‘Rude’ Comments on Plane Crash

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson has taken a swipe at the “impolite” foreign minister of Canada for his "ill-advised" remarks about Iran while Tehran and Kiev are engaged in talks about the January crash of a Ukrainian passenger plane.

Iran Denies Receiving Canada’s Lawsuit over Ukrainian Plane Tragedy

The spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reacted to some reports suggesting Canada has filed a complaint with the ministry regarding the Ukrainian passenger plane which went down in Iran in early 2020.

Iran to Send Ukrainian Plane’s Black Box to France in Coming Days

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Iran will send the black box of the Ukrainian passenger plane shot down by mistake near Tehran in January to France for analysis in coming days.

Iran, Canada Discuss Investigation into Ukrainian Plane Incident

Ranking diplomats from the Islamic Republic of Iran and Canada have discussed various issues on the telephone, including the January 8 shoot-down of a Ukrainian jetliner near Tehran and the consular services for the citizens of the two countries.

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