Another Iranian national killed in Canada

Two people were arrested in British Columbia, Canada, on suspicion of murdering a 40-year-old Iranian national identified as Fayegh Abdollahi.

Reports say the victim was found unconscious by Canadian police last Monday while he had been stabbed multiple times.

The police rushed the man to a hospital where he succumbed to his wounds.

The two suspects are said to be from Afghanistan.

Canadian authorities say the three people seem to have known each other and that the motive for the murder was personal.

They also say the victim was a refugee in Canada.

In thecent padt, this is the third murder involving Iranian nationals in Canada.

Last week, two Iranians named Arash Misaghi and Samira Yousefi were murdered in a shooting in Toronto.

Misaghi had been implicated in a multi-million-dollar fraud case and the man who killed him and the woman, committed suicide after shooting them to death.

The man said in a letter who wrote before the incident that he had lost his wealth due to the schemes of Misaghi and Yousefi.

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