Tuesday, June 18, 2024

“Iran team has authority to hold direct talks with US”

The vice chairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission says the Iranian negotiating team has the authorization to hold direct talks with the US in Vienna.

“I am citing the deputy foreign minister that no direct and face-to-face talks have been held [with the US] up to this point. But based on the three principles of dignity, wisdom and expediency and the emphasis on removal of all sanctions after verification and securing guarantees, if there is any need for starting negotiations with the US, the negotiating team has the authority to take the necessary step,” Ebrahim Azizi cited Ali Baqeri Kani as saying. 

Azizi added that the foreign ministry has been so far transparent on the process of the Vienna talks though there have been times when “national expediency” ruled otherwise. 


He stressed that Iran has been insisting on the principle that any negotiations which is not aimed at the removal of sanctions is “unacceptable”. The lawmaker added that verification of the removal of sanctions is the second issue, which Iran has been pursuing. 

“Past record showed that we cannot trust promises by the US the Europeans are conveying to Iran directly or through intermediaries. We are adamant that the agreements should be there also in the practical phase and the other party should fulfill its obligations,” he said.

“Europeans follow the policy of the US and have no authority of their own to undertake obligations or offer guarantees on their promises to Iran.”

Azizi further dismissed talks of an impasse in the negotiations or any comments that negotiations without the presence of the US are futile. He said this is media propaganda and politicized.

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