Heavy rains flood several provinces in Iran

Several Iranian provinces have been inundated since the early hours of Monday after receiving heavier than normal precipitations.

Floods in Iran claim 2 lives, one missing

Heavy downpours in Iran have triggered floods in 13 provinces, which has so far left 2 people killed and another missing, the head of the country’s relief and rescue organization says.

Official: Deadly fire in rehab center in Iran ‘definitely deliberate’

The fire incident in a drug rehabilitation center in northern Iran last Friday that claimed the lives of 33 patients was a ‘definitely deliberate’ act, the Iranian interior minister says. 

Heavy rains cause flooding in Iran, more expected

Heavy downpours have triggered floods in 13 provinces across Iran. There are no immediate reports of damage or casualties as a result of the flooding.

Death toll in drug rehab center in northern Iran rises to 32

A fire incident in a drug rehabilitation center in northern Iran on Friday morning has so far left 32 fatalities and 16 injured, an official confirmed.

Iranian schoolgirl dies at ICU after weeks in coma

An Iranian girl student who had passed out after suffering a drop in blood pressure on the way to school in early October in Tehran, has passed away.

Clingy suitor injures woman, two others in Iran after getting thumbs down

A desperate suitor who failed to persuade a woman to get married to him shot her wounded at her workplace near the Iranian capital Tehran earlier this month and injured two others.

2 killed, 3 injured in power plant blast near Tehran

In a devastating incident that sent shockwaves through the burgeoning town of Parand near the capital Tehran, an explosion at the local power plant has left two persons dead and three others injured.

Ex-gardener turns out to be prime murderer of Iranian movie director, Mehrjui and wife

A gardener who used to work at the villa of slain Iranian movie director Dariush Mehrjui has reportedly turned out to be the key murderer.

Murderer of Iranian movie director Dariush Mehrjui nabbed

The murderer of slain Iranian movie director Dariush Mehrjui has been apprehended.

Quake in Afghanistan rocks areas in neighboring Iran, no damage or casualties yet

Back-to-back earthquakes have jolted Afghanistan as well as Khorasan Razavi Province in northeastern Iran, but there are no reports of any possible damage in the Iranian province, which borders Afghanistan.

Iranian experts contain oil pollution off Ganaveh Port along Persian Gulf

The CEO of Iran Oil Terminals Company says thanks to efforts by domestic experts, the repairing of the oil pipeline from Ganaveh coast, along the Persian Gulf, that faced some problems due to an oil leak has been successfully completed.

Fire erupts at warehouse complex in northern Tehran

A significant fire broke out at a warehouse housing store supplies, food, and plastic situated along a bustling highway in north of the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Explosion kills one person in Bandar Abbas gas refinery

An explosion has killed one person in a gas refinery in the southern Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas along the Persian Gulf.

Water, electricity and gas restored in Iran’s Astara after heavy flood 

An official in the northern Iranian province of Gilan says authorities have managed to restore water, electricity and gas in all areas affected by the recent flood in the city of Astara along the Caspian Sea

Flood causes injuries and heavy damage in Astara, northern Iran 

Heavy rains have triggered a flood in the northern Iranian city of Astara, along the Caspian Sea.

Gas leak at Iran refinery leaves one dead, two injured

A gas leak at a refinery in the South Pars field in southern Iran has left one person dead and two injured.

All 6 bodies trapped in collapsed mine in Iran’s Damghan found

Rescues teams found the dead bodies of the miners who were trapped in a mine in the central Iranian city of Damghan, after it collapsed in an explosion on Sunday evening.

Woman arrested in Iran for killing 7 elderly men

A woman has been arrested in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran for killing 7 elderly men.

Major Petrochemical plant in southern Iran catches fire

A petrochemical plant in southern Iran caught fire on Wednesday.

Oil pipeline blast hits village in Iran’s Hormozgan, Persian Gulf

An oil pipeline blew up in a village near Bandar Khamir in southern Iranian Hormozgan Province along the Persian Gulf, in the early hours of Monday, according to local sources.

Huge explosion destroys buildings in Shahre Rey, southern Tehran

A huge explosion inside a building in Shahre Rey, south of the capital Tehran, has destroyed much of an old 3-story building.

Fifth body recovered after building collapsed in southern Tehran

The spokesperson of the Tehran Fire Department says the fifth body, buried under the debris of a semi-finished and unauthorized building in the Iranian capital, has been discovered.

Wildfires in western Iran extinguished

Firefighters have managed to put out the flames that were raging in the forest near Marivan, in the western Iranian province of Kordestan.

Forest fires partly contained, but still raging in western Iran

Some 300 hectares of forests in the western Iranian town of Marivan are still engulfed by wildfires as helicopters keep flying over the area to douse the flames.

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