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Miraculous emergency birth rescue in snow-stranded region in northern Iran

During a phone call to the emergency center, a critical pregnancy situation unfolded in the snowbound region of Jajan, in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran.

After 25 exhausting minutes and relentless efforts by the 115 Emergency Communications Specialist, a mother and her newborn son, named Abdollah, were successfully saved.

This incident occurred in the upper regions of Babolkenar, where impassable routes due to heavy snowfall hindered the mother’s transfer to a medical center.

The head of Babol’s 115 Emergency stated, “The situation was alarming as both the newborn and the mother were at risk. The baby wasn’t crying after birth, and the pair hadn’t left the mother’s side.”

Thanks to the guidance provided by Emergency Specialist Mrs. Mehravar, the family’s father was instructed to stimulate the baby by hitting his legs, ultimately saving the lives of the mother and child.

After telephonic consultations, Babol’s 115 Ambulance, with the support of HeliMed and the Red Crescent, reached the location, transporting the mother and child to the hospital.

Following necessary care and the elimination of risks, they were discharged, marking the family’s joyous addition of a baby boy to their two daughters.

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