Sunday, July 14, 2024

Iranian schoolgirl dies at ICU after weeks in coma

An Iranian girl student who had passed out after suffering a drop in blood pressure on the way to school in early October in Tehran, has passed away.

Armita Gravand went unconscious at a subway station in Tehran on October 01, and was taken to hospital where she stayed at the ICU for 28 days.

However, medical treatment failed to save her, who had been in a coma, and she finally succumbed to death.

On October 01, Armita was going to school with her friends, but she suffered from a drop in blood pressure when she wanted to get on a subway train, lost her balance, and had a concussion after hitting her head on the ground.

The concussion was so severe that she even suffered a heart attack for a few minutes.

Expert medical reports indicate that she suffered from a drop in blood pressure, dropped to the ground, and had a concussion followed by violent convulsions, brain hypoxia and cerebral edema.

Many have tried to make parallel her case with that of Mahsa Amini, a 23-year-old girl who died in police custody in September 2022. She was taken to the facility for improper Islamic hijab, obligatory under Iranian law. Mahsa’s death sparked deadly unrest and protests in Iran.

Iranian officials have repeatedly denied the claim of Armita being beaten by the mortality police forces for improper hijab.

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