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Death toll from recent hostage crisis in W Iran reaches six

The death toll from a recent hostage drama in Iran’s western city of Ilam has reached six, as one of the individuals injured in the incident succumbs to his wounds.

Suspect kills three, self in hostage standoff in Iran’s west

A man who had taken a number of people hostage at a government building in Iran’s western Ilam City has killed three people and himself, ending the standoff, which also saw at least seven people wounded.

District mayor in Tehran sacked due to self-harm

A district mayor in Tehran has been removed from his post after Iranian organization of forensic medicine confirmed that he had committed self-harm to pretend to be fighting against corruption.

A mayor in Tehran attacked after preventing illegal construction

Tehran’s municipality has announced that the mayor of the third district of the city’s 19th area and some of his staff got attacked by a group of people who were banned from continuing illegal construction there.

Official: 17 Iranian provinces hit with flooding over past week

Iran’s Red Crescent Society says 17 provinces were hit with flooding over the past week and hundreds of people were rescued from floodwaters by the organization over the period.

Accidents caused by floods kill 7 people in Iran

The Iranian Red Crescent Society says it has put 1,000 of rescuers on alert in the wake of floods that inundated parts of Iran.

Bodyguard of IRGC Zahedan commander shot dead

The bodyguard of an Islamic Revolution Guards Corps commander has been shot dead in Zahedan in the southeastern Sistan and Baluchestan Province.

Over dozen boats sink in Iran’s biggest fishing port due to sudden high tide

At least 14 boats have sunk in Iran’s largest fishing port in the south of the country due to a sudden high tide, a local official has announced.

Istanbul-Tabriz flight reroutes due to strong winds

A commercial aircraft carrying 161 passengers from the Turkish city of Istanbul to Iran’s northwestern Tabriz City had to reroute to another destination due to strong winds in the Iranian city.

Kish-Tehran flight makes emergency landing due to technical glitch

An Iranian passenger plane en route from the Persian Gulf Island of Kish to the capital, Tehran, made an emergency landing halfway due to a technical fault in the aircraft’s fuel delivery system.

Iranian man threatening mum with autistic kid arrested

Authorities have arrested an Iranian man who has insulted and threatened a woman with a Down Syndrome child in broad daylight in central Tehran.

Second cleric dies of injuries sustained during Mashhad stabbing

A second cleric injured during a stabbing spree in the holy shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH) in Mashhad, northeastern Iran, has died. The stabbing attack happened on Tuesday and instantly killed a cleric identified as Hojatoleslam Aslani and injured two others.

Report: Mashhad stabber harbors Takfiri thoughts

Iran’s Tasnim News Agency has learned that the attacker who stabbed three clerics in the Imam Reza shrine in the city of Mashhad on Tuesday, is a 21-year-old foreign national who entered Iran via the Pakistani border.

President Raisi: Takfiri terrorists behind Mashhad stabbing

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has reiterated the recent stabbing attack in the northeastern city of Mashhad was undoubtedly carried out by Takfiri terrorists.

Iran’s Sunni clerics condemn fatal knife attack at holy Shia shrine

Iran’s Sunni Muslim clerics have sharply condemned a deadly knife attack at the holy shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad, urging authorities to bring all those responsible to justice.

Cleric stabbed to death in in Mashhad; two inured

On Tuesday, the third day of the holy month of Ramadan, an attacker stabbed three young clerics in the holy city of Mashhad, killing one of them and injuring the two others.

Four killed in boat incident in southern Iran

A tourist boat carrying 12 people has capsized in Karoun River in the southern city of Khorramshahr, killing foyr people. Local authorities say one person is missing.

663 people killed in car accidents during Nowruz holidays

At least 663 people have died across Iran in car accidents during the Nowruz holidays so far. A traffic police official has said 9,407 accidents have happened that caused injuries since March 17.

‘Road accidents claim 17,000 lives in Iran annually’

An Iranian official says an estimated 17,000 people lose their lives in vehicle accidents across the country on an annual basis, while the number is 20-30 times bigger when it comes to cases of injuries and disabilities.

Fire contained in Iran’s petrochemical complex, two injured

Firefighters have put out a fire that on Thursday hit a petrochemical factory in the southern Iranian port city of Mahshahr.

Storm rips through Tehran, injures 9

A storm hit the Iranian capital Tehran on Thursday afternoon, injuring 9 people.

520 people killed in road accidents in Iran since March 17

The head of the Iranian Police Traffic Control Headquarters says 520 people have died in car accidents since March 17 that was the eve of the Persian New Year, Nowruz.

Nearly 500 killed in car accidents in Iran since March 17 

The head of the Iranian Police Traffic Control Headquarters says the number of people killed in car accidents since a few days before Nowruz has reached 486. Colonel Shirani said the incidents have happened during the past 10 days from March 17 until March 27.

Iran police: 322 killed in car accidents since March 17

An Iranian traffic police commander says 322 people have been killed in car accidents across Iran since March 17.

Policeman shot dead in southeastern Iran

An Iranian policeman has been shot and killed in in a drive-by shooting in the country’s southeastern province of Sistan and Balouchestan.

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