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Latest Security News in Iran – Defence and military news, including stories from neighbouring states and the troubled region which might be important for Iran. This section contains news on the Armed Forces, the IRGC, intelligence services, and border guards.

Iran to pursue assassination of anti-terror icon through legal channels

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has vowed to pursue the assassination of top General Qassem Soleimani through legal, political and inter channels with firm determination.

Iran’s Shamkhani calls for immediate expulsion of terrorists from Iraq

A top Iranian security official has called for the immediate expulsion of terrorists from Iraq, saying they are detrimental to the stability of the region.

Iranian Flotilla Accomplished Mission amid Enemy Campaigns: Top Cmdr.

The commander of the Iranian Army has lauded the 75th Flotilla of the Naval Force of the Iranian Army for having accomplished its months-long mission in the high seas.

Why Iran carried out missile strike in northern Iraq?

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps on Friday rained down missiles on the positions of the terrorist group calling itself “the Democratic Party of Kurdistan”, in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Israeli arrests 4 Palestinians who escaped maximum-security jail

Israeli police say they have arrested four of the six Palestinian inmates who escaped from a high-security jail, in the occupied territories, earlier this week.

Iran’s Leader Congratulates Flotilla on Accomplishment of Mission

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Leader has congratulated a flotilla of the Naval Force of the Iranian army on having successfully accomplished its mission.

Iran Strikes Terrorists HQ in Iraq’s Kurdistan, killing senior leaders

The Iranian military has successfully struck the headquarters and meeting venue of the ringleaders of a criminal gang as well as the training centre of its affiliated terrorists with seven short-range ground to ground missiles in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

Iran army chief: Israel committing suicide in fear of death

Iran’s Army Commander Brigadier General Seyyed Abdolrahim Mousavi has hit back at Israeli regime and military officials after they claimed Iran’s presence in Syria has decreased.

Saudi security chief fired over embezzlement

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud dismissed Public Security Director Khalid bin Qaraar Al-Harbi on Tuesday, referring him to investigation on charges of embezzlement of the public funds.

Iran navy flotilla back home following long journey

The top Iranian naval commander says the 75th Flotilla of the Naval Force of the Iranian Army dispatched to the north of the Indian Ocean and the Russian port city of Saint Petersburg has wrapped up its mission.