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German Officials to Be Banned from Wearing Burqa

The German government is preparing a bill that would ban women from wearing in public institutions headdresses that completely or partially covers the face.
Halal Foods

Malaysia Keen for Cooperation with Iran in Halal Industry: Minister

Malaysian International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed voiced his country’s willingness to have cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of halal industry.

Iraq Visa for Arbaeen Processions to Be Issued in 16 Iranian Provinces

An Iranian official announced that Arbaeen pilgrims can obtain the entry visa to Iraq in sixteen provinces.

Blood Donation instead of Self-Flagellation in Ashura Mourning

Instead of self-flagellation, which has tainted the image of Islam in non-Muslims' view, Iranians donate their blood as religious vow during the mourning days of Muharram.

Iranian People Light Candles to Mourn for Imam Hussein’s Martyrdom

On the 10th day of first Islamic month, Muharram, which is known as Ashura, people in Iran and other parts of the world mourn...

Condolence Theatre in Commemoration of Imam Hussein

During the early days of the Islamic month of Muharram, Iranian people mourn for Imam Hussein's martyrdom in different ways. Ta'zieh is one of...

Muharram Mourning Ceremonies Underway in Tehran

Millions of Shiite Muslims across Iran, including Tehran, are mourning the anniversary of martyrdom of their third Imam, Hussein bin Ali (AS) and his...

Iranian People Start Mourning for Imam Hussein’s Martyrdom

Iranians across the country have started holding Muharram mourning ceremonies which commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS), the third Shiite Imam and...

Qurans Put in Garbage by Saudi Embassy in Morocco Cause Fury

Photos circulated on Moroccan social media show the Saudi embassy in Rabat has insulted the holy book of Islam, the Holy Quran.

Thousands of Polish Women Stage ‘Black Monday’ Strikes to Protest Abortion Law

Thousands of Polish women dressed in black boycotted work and took to the streets in protest against a plan to ban abortions. Without half their...

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