Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Iranians celebrate Imam Mahdi’s birthday anniversary

Iranians around the country have marked the anniversary of the birthday of Imam Mahdi, the twelfth Shiite Imam.

Hilarity reigned supreme across the nation on the eve of the joyous occasion as fireworks lit up the sky and people turned out to celebrate.

Like in other cities, streets in the capital Tehran were full of joy as folks were in jubilant mood observing the occasion.

The streets were decorated with buntings and light bulbs, creating a welcoming ambience.

Most streets were lined with makeshift stands to hand out sweets, pastry and drinks as part of the celebrations.

The Imam Reza Holy Shrine in the city of Mashhad in northeastern Razavi Khrasan province hosted huge numbers of Imam Mahdi lovers, who converged on the shrine to celebrate the occasion and worship.

People also marched in droves toward the Jamkaran mosque, which is closely associated with Imam Mahdi, to honor the event. The mosque is located near the central city of Qom.

Imam Mahdi is the twelfth and last of Imams.

Shia Muslims believe Imam Mahdi is alive, but in hiding, and will reappear one day to administer justice the world over.

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