Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Large number of Iranians mark New Year in holy shrines

A massive number of pilgrims were in Imam Reza’s holy shrine, the eighth Shia imam, in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad at 06:36 local time (03:06 GMT) on Wednesday to celebrate the start of the Persian New Year, 1403.

Millions of people have been commuting from all across the country and abroad for days to reach the holy shrine as a blessing for the New Year.

Echoes of trademark naqareh and karnay in the spiritual atmosphere of the shrine rang in the New Year.

Meanwhile, many other Iranians celebrated the New Year in the shrine of Hazrat Massoumeh, Imam Reza’s sister, in the central city of Qom.

There were also those who sought blessings for a good year in other shrines, including the Shah Cheragh holy shrine in the historic city of Shiraz in southern Iran.

Nowruz celebrations began on Wednesday morning in Iran and many other countries.

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