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Treating Joint Pain

Treating Joint Pain with Foods

Joint pain is a condition associated with severe pain. It could happen when uric acid levels in the body go up.

Asafoetida, A Wonder of Traditional Medicine

Asafoetida is an important medicinal herb with numerous health benefits. Asafoetida has an umbel inflorescence.

Ginger, a Medicinal Plant for Treating Diseases, JOINT and Muscle Pain

Ginger, a plant with many medicinal properties, and its active constituent gingerol have been used to treat a large number of diseases as well as different types of pain such as joint and muscle pain since a long time ago.
Bedsore Treatment

Bedsore Treatment

People most at risk of developing bedsores and, thus, in need of bedsore treatments are those with a medical condition that limits their ability to change positions, requires them to use a wheelchair or confines them to a bed for a long time.
diabetic ulcer treatment

Diabetic Ulcer Treatment

Derma Heal, an herbal ointment used for diabetic ulcer treatment, facilitates the removal of damaged textures in diabetic wounds and helps the patients save their legs by preventing the infection of such ulcers.
Danish Mother in Iran Delivers Third Child in Ambulance

Danish Mother in Iran Delivers Third Child in Ambulance

A pregnant Danish woman, who was being transferred to a medical centre in northern Iran, delivered her third child successfully in the ambulance before arriving at the hospital.
500kg Egyptian Loses Half Her Weight after Surgery in India

500kg Egyptian Loses Half Her Weight after Surgery in India

The “world’s heaviest woman”, a 500-kg Egyptian, has lost half her weight in the two months she’s been in India for treatment, doctors said.
Iranian People Adopting More Children

Iranian People Adopting More Children

Official statistics show a 34-percent growth in the number of children adopted in Tehran Province last year, thanks to the laws that facilitate baby adoption, an Iranian official declared.
5,000-Year-Old Skull Reveals Iran’s Medical Advances

“5,000-Year-Old Skull Reveals Iran’s Medical Advances”

The unearthing of a skull in an archaeological site known as Burnt City in southeastern Iran has changed the country’s medical history.

Iran No Longer Dependent on US for Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment

Iranian Health Minister Seyed Hassan Qazizadeh Hashemi said the country is no longer dependent on the US in the pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment.

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