Monday, June 17, 2024

Official raises red flag on mass exodus of physicians from Iran

The head of Iran’s Medical Council has warned the country’s healthcare system will suffer a huge blow as the doctors are migrating to foreign countries in droves.

Addressing a conference of surgeons on Sunday in the capital Tehran, Mohammad Raeiszadeh, said the depletion in medical society is a serious challenge for the country.

Raeiszadeh urged officials to provide healthcare staff with better economic and social facilities in order to reverse the trend.

Earlier, the former spokesman for Iran’s Ministry of Health also raised the alarm over the mass migration of medical staff form the country.

Kianoush Jahanpour said the country’s healthcare system is witness to a two-step migration of doctors from smaller towns to major cities and then to foreign countries in the hope of finding a better future.

Iran Migration Observatory, which offers statistics on the rate of migration from the country, says emigration from Iran is currently plaguing different sectors and professions.

Although no official figures have been released on the migration of physicians in Iran, World Health Organization reports on the employment of physicians have indicated that Iran ranks high in terms of the number of migrant physicians.

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