Water Crisis

Environment body: Afghanistan construction of dam dries Hamun Wetland in Iran

The construction of Kamal Khan Dam by Afghanistan has caused the Hamun Wetladn on the border with Iran in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan, to dry.

Taliban say living up to watershare treaty with Iran if there is rain

A spokesman for the Taliban has claimed Afghanistan is grappling with a drought and that all Afghans are facing water shortages, making Iran’s right to the Hirmand River water conditional on the existence of water.

Iran says receiving no water supply from Afghan side of Hirmand River

The supply of water from the Hirmand River in Afghanistan to Iran has been completely cut off for a month, Iran’s Water Sector spokesman says.

Iranian lawmaker urges action against Taliban as water rift looms

An Iranian lawmaker has called for retaliatory measures against the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan in response to their failure to secure Iran’s water share from the Helmand River.

MENA region will live with extreme water stress by 2050: Report

The world is confronting an unparalleled water crisis, with five of the most water-stressed countries being Bahrain, Cyprus, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman and Qatar, a new report by the World Resources Institute shows.

World Bank says Iran ranks 1st in drinking water access in urban, rural regions

The World Bank has announced in a report that Iran ranks first in terms of access to drinking water in urban and rural areas across the globe and among countries in the West Asia region.

Lake Urmia’s water level increases, more tourists attracted

The water level of Lake Urmia in Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province has increased 17 centimeters.

Iranian official denies impoundment of Chamshir Dam

The CEO of water utility in the Iranian province of Kohkiloyeh and Boyerahmad Province has denied a claim by a UN expert about the impounding of Iran’s Chamshir Dam in the province.

Iranian MP warns of “water war” within next 10 years

The vice chairman of the Iranian parliament’s agriculture, water, natural resources and environment commission has issued a stark warning about the consequences of the drying up of underground water resources in the country.

Water reserves behind Tehran dams at lowest level in 50 years: Official

An Iranian official warns that the available water reserves behind dams supplying water to the capital, Tehran, the country’s most populous city, have decreased to the lowest level in half a century, urging the public to help save water.

Official: Two dozen people arrested in Iran’s Hamedan, many non-residents

The governor of Iran’s western province of Hamedan says 25 people have been arrested in recent protests against water shortage there.

People in Iran’s Hamedan angry over water cut

A group of residents in Iran’s ancient capital Hamedan gathered outside the governorate building for the second consecutive night on Wednesday to express their fury with the cut in water supplies in the city for the past several days.

Water crisis in Iran’s Hamedan: Ekbatan Dam drying up

Ekbatan Dam, the main water supply in the west Iranian city of Hamedan, faces the risk of drying up, as the country suffers from drought and ‘mismanagement’ of water reservoirs.

Water outage hits Iranian city after flooding

People in the Kouhrang, the largest city in the western Iranian province of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad have been living without water for 7 days now.

Iranian president calls for changing cultivation patterns

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has stressed the need for modifying the country’s cultivation patterns.

Lake Urmia, one step away from drying up

The footsteps of the crisis began to be heard a long time ago. Lake Urmia is now on its last legs. The issue is no longer a matter of warning or risk.

Dez River in Iran’s Khuzestan Province dries

Dez River in Iran’s southwestern Khuzestan Province has dried. This is the second river in Khuzestan to be hit by the current drought after Karkheh River.

Official: Tehran reserves of drinking water 20% less than previous year

Tehran’s Water and Sewerage Organization says the Iranian capital’s reserves of drinking water are now around 640 million cubic meters, which is 20 percent less than the previous year.

Alarm sounded over looming water crisis in Iranian capital

Iranian officials have raised the alarm over extravagant use of water by households in the populous capital city of Tehran, calling on the public to join efforts to protect the country’s water resources through adherence to conservation methods.

Iranian public urged to save water amid acute scarcity

Iranian officials have been raising awareness among the public over acute water shortages gripping the capital, Tehran, and the broader country, urging people to adopt conservation methods to protect the country’s scarce water resources.

Iran’s biggest water supply project comes on line

Iran’s largest water distribution project has come on stream, supplying water to over 1,700 villages in a southeastern province which did not have access to water before.

Iran MPs approve transfer of water from Sea of Oman to Sistan & Balouchestan Province

Iranian lawmakers have approved the proposal for the transfer of water from the Sea of Oman in the south to the littoral southeastern province of Sistan and Balouchestan.

People in Iran’s Shahrekord hold protest over water problems

Iranian people including farmers in the western city of Shahrekord, capital city of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, have staged a march calling on authorities to take measures to deal with water shortage problems.

Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan Province Having Rainiest Summer in Years

In a very rare incident, the summer season has become the rainiest time in Iran’s southeastern Sistan and Baluchestan Province.

IRGC Chief Vows to Solve Water Problems in Southern Iran

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Chief says the IRGC stands with the people of Khuzestan province to solve the problems in the southern province.

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