Thursday, May 23, 2024

Iranian MP warns of “water war” within next 10 years

The vice chairman of the Iranian parliament’s agriculture, water, natural resources and environment commission has issued a stark warning about the consequences of the drying up of underground water resources in the country.

Rahmatollah Norouzi said within the next 10 years, not only Iran but also the wider Middle East will face water shortage problems.

He also warned of what he called “a water war.”

Norouzi underlined the need to resolve the issue of water shortage in Iran, saying most of water wasting in the country happens in the field of agriculture.

He noted that drip irrigation should be used to prevent water from being wasted.

The MP also said all organizations ought to back the policy of reforming the cultivation pattern, and that Iran needs to stop producing some agricultural products for export to neighboring countries.

The Iranian lawmaker highlighted the need for the Foreign Ministry to resort to water diplomacy and work actively in this respect.

Norouzi said Turkey, Iraq and other neighboring countries are constructing dams, and such actions will cause damage to Iran.

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