Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Iran-Venezuela Relations

Caracas: Iran’s Dispatch of Oil Tanker to Venezuela ‘Unforgettable’

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Venezuelan counterpart Jorge Arreaza have discussed the latest status of bilateral ties as well as regional and international issues of mutual interest.

Iran to Launch Direct Shipping Routes to South Africa, Latin America

An Iranian official says the country will launch a direct shipping route to South Africa and then on to Latin America.

Iran FM Holds Talks with Venezuelan President in Caracas

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had a meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas.

Another Iranian Tanker Delivers Fuel to Venezuela in Defiance of US Bans

The first tanker of a three-vessel Iranian flotilla carrying much-needed fuel for Venezuela has entered waters of the South American country in clear defiance of sanctions imposed on both countries by the US.

‘Neither Tankers Nor Oil Cargo Seized by US Belong to Iran’

The Iranian president’s chief of staff says none of the oil tankers that have been recently confiscated by the US belongs to Iran, noting that their cargo had been already sold.

Oil Tankers Seized by US Had Nothing to Do with Iran: Envoy

Iran's ambassador to Venezuela has denied media reports that the US has seized Venezuela-bound oil tankers belonging to the Islamic Republic.

Venezuela’s Special Envoy Lauds Iran for Fuel Shipments

A special envoy of president of Venezuela has visited Tehran to express his country’s gratitude to Iran for freighting several consignments of gasoline and supporting the Latin American nation in the struggle with the US imperialism.

US Bans Iran Captains after Failure to Bribe Them: Minister

Iran’s oil minister says the US imposed sanctions on the captains of Iranian ships delivering petrol to Venezuela after failing to bribe them.

No One Can Stop Iran-Venezuela Trade Ties: Tehran

Iran says as long as Tehran and Caracas are determined to do business with each other, the mutual exchanges will definitely continue, and those who seek to disrupt the trade ties must know troubles can be created for them too.

Iran Displayed Its Power by Shipping Fuel to Venezuela: IRGC

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami said Iran has exhibited its power by sending oil tankers to Venezuela.

Iran Leader Praises Crew of Tankers That Delivered Fuel to Venezuela

Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has admired the crew of five Iranian oil tankers that carried gasoline to the fuel-starving Venezuela for their “great job”.

Fourth Iranian Tanker Sails into Venezuela Waters

The fourth Iranian tanker, named Faxon, has entered the Venezuelan waters to deliver much-needed gasoline to the fuel-starved country.

Iran Denies Receiving Tonnes of Gold from Venezuela in Exchange for Gasoline

As Iran’s third oil tanker sails into the Venezuelan waters to deliver its much-needed gasoline cargo, the Iranian envoy to the South American country dismisses the claims that Tehran has received nine tonnes of gold from Caracas in exchange for the fuel.

US Not to Take Any Action against Iran Tankers Ahead of Nov. Elections: Analyst

An international affairs expert believes it is unlikely the US would take any direct action against Iranian tankers heading to Venezuela, and will rather continue its policies to accuse the Islamic Republic based on unfounded allegations as the presidential election draws near.

Venezuelan Armed Forces Escort Second Iranian Tanker

After escorting the first Iranian tanker Fortune, the Venezuelan army has released footage of escorting the second vessel, named Forest, carrying gasoline to the fuel-starved country.

Second Iranian Oil Tanker Enters Venezuelan Waters

The second Iranian oil tanker, named Forest, has entered the Venezuelan waters to deliver its much-needer gasoline cargo.

Iran’s First Tanker in Venezuela to Deliver Much-Needed Gasoline

The first of five tankers carrying Iranian gasoline to Venezuela has arrived in the Latin American country despite the US threats.

Iran Warns US against Disruption of Legal Trade

Iran’s Foreign Minister has warned the United States against any disruption of legal trade, saying that Washington is not allowed to interfere with the Iranian tankers en route to Venezuela.

‘Trump May Get into Direct Conflict with Iran over Shipments to Venezuela’

An expert on international relations says there is every possibility that US President Donald Trump gets involved in a dangerous game with Iran over the fuel shipment to Venezuela.

Iran Prepared for Worst-Case Scenario for Venezuela-Bound Tankers: Spokesman

The spokesperson for the Iranian administration has warned the United States to refrain from the mistake of taking action against the Iranian oil tankers carrying fuel to Venezuela, saying Tehran has braced itself for the worst-case scenario.

‘US Responsible for Any Foolish Act against Iran’s Venezuela-Bound Tankers’

Iran's Foreign Ministry has warned again that the United States will itself bear the responsibility for any foolish act that it could take against Venezuela-headed Iranian fuel tankers, saying Washington cannot come in the way of legitimate trade among independent countries.

Iran Warns US against Interference with Its Fuel Transfer to Venezuela

Iran has warned the United States against any interference with the transfer of fuel by Iranian tankers to Venezuela.

Iran’s Trade with Venezuela Has Nothing to Do with Anyone Else: Spokesman

Iran's government spokesman Ali Rabiei says the country's trade ties with Venezuela have nothing to do with any other country.

‘US Sends 4 Warships to Caribbean for Possible Encounter with Iran Tankers’

The US Navy has sent its P8-Poseidon patrol aircraft from the VP-26 Tridents as well as four warships to the Caribbean region for possible encounter with a group of Iranian super-tankers moving fuel to Venezuela, a report says.

Iran Rejects US Allegations on Ties with Venezuela

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has dismissed baseless allegations that the US government has made against the cooperation between Iran and Venezuela.

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