Sunday, May 19, 2024

“Partnership deal beneficial for Iran and Venezuela”

An Iranian expert on Latin American affairs has said the 20-year partnership deal between Iran and Venezuela will be beneficial for both sides at a time when Tehran and Caracas are under sanctions.

In an interview with Iranian Students News Agency, ISNA, Elaheh Nouri noted that Venezuela sits on nearly 8 percent of the world’s oil reserves and for this reason, this issue is the most important aspect of deal.

Nouri also said expanding ties with Venezuela at this time of Western sanctions will naturally alleviate the pain inflicted by the bans.

The Iranian expert added that the US has always feared close ties between Iran and Venezuela and that US media launch a propaganda campaign whenever Tehran and Caracas show signs of expanding their relations.

Nouri also said such partnership deals as the one with Venezuela produce results in the long term.

Meanwhile, Hadi Aalami, another Iranian expert on Latin American affairs, has dismissed the notion.

Aalami told Iranian Diplomacy that strategic partnership treaties with countries like Russia and China under sanctions will not pay tangible results, let alone a country like Venezuela.

But Elaheh Nouri believes Iran and Venezuela are both important and decisive players in the global oil market.

She says cooperation between the two countries is an important move which cannot be ignored.

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