Thursday, June 20, 2024

Iranian pres.: Tehran seeks good ties with all countries

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi says his administration’s foreign policy builds on forging balanced relations with all world countries.

Speaking upon his return from Latin America on Friday, Raisi said any country which would seek to have good and constructive ties with Tehran with a view to the interests of both sides, there are no obstacles to such a decision.

He however warned that any government that would seek enmity toward Iran, then Tehran’s policy is to resist hostility.

The Iranian president noted that any move by his administration is aimed at safeguarding the country’s national interests.

Raisi also spoke about his visit to the Latin American countries of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba.

He said that during the 3-leg tour, the Iranian delegation signed 35 deals in such fields as energy, industry and mining in the countries.

Raisi also said the Iranian delegation accompanying him also concluded 5 knowledge-based contracts there worth 90 million dollars.

The president added that if the agreements go into force, positive developments will happen.

He said Iran and Cuba also agreed to form an working group to start technological cooperation, underling that the Latin American nation has a good capability in bio-technology.

Raisi stressed that South American countries are rich in natural resources.

The president further hailed the Latin American nations for their resistance against the bullying powers over the past decades and said Iran and those countries are on the same page in this regard.

Raisi visited Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba at the invitation of the presidents of those countries.

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