Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Accidents and Natural Disasters

Storm rips through Tehran, injures 9

A storm hit the Iranian capital Tehran on Thursday afternoon, injuring 9 people.

Nearly 500 killed in car accidents in Iran since March 17 

The head of the Iranian Police Traffic Control Headquarters says the number of people killed in car accidents since a few days before Nowruz has reached 486. Colonel Shirani said the incidents have happened during the past 10 days from March 17 until March 27.

Iran police: 322 killed in car accidents since March 17

An Iranian traffic police commander says 322 people have been killed in car accidents across Iran since March 17.

Iranians hold funeral for pilots killed in plane crash in Tabriz

People in the Iranian city of Tabriz have held a funeral for the pilots of a fighter jet and a civilian who were killed after the plane crashed in an urban area.

Tehran Bazaar fire extinguished

A huge fire engulfing the Shoemakers’ Bazaar in downtown Tehran has been put out. More in photos:

Inferno rips through big bazaar in Iranian capital, Tehran

A conflagration has engulfed the Shoemakers’ Bazaar in downtown Tehran, the capital of Iran. Firefighters are working to bring the blaze under control.

Two dead in light plane crash in northeastern Iran

Two people lost their lives in an ultralight trainer plane crash in Kashmar, northeastern Iran, an official confirms.

Fire kills one at inn in southern Tehran

Two people also suffered severe burns. After the blaze, firefighters were sent to the inn near Railway Square and extinguished it. The fire engulfed 15 of 60 rooms in the two-story building.

Second quake hits Iran’s Tabriz in as many days

An earthquake shook the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz on Monday morning.

People in jolly mood in northern Iran following the recent snowfalls

Images circulating on social media networks show locals in Mazandaran Province, northern Iran, dancing and jumping for joy as they feel jubilant over experiencing weather conditions they have not seen in a long time.

Raisi visits Kerman’s flooded areas, joins urgent meeting with officials

Visiting flood-hit areas of Iran’s southeastern Kerman Province, President Ebrahim Raisi has joined an emergency meeting with local officials and military commanders on ways to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to people.

Heavy snow, flooding block dozens of roads across Iran

The director of Iran's Roads Management Center says 45 roads in several provinces are currently closed due to floods, blizzards and lack of safety.

Heavy rain, snow strike dozens of provinces across Iran

Extreme weather conditions have wreaked havoc on several provinces across Iran.

Iran’s Fars Province: Heavy snow blocks roads to ski resort

In Iran’s southwestern province of Fars, heavy snowfalls have blocked roads leading to the Pouladkaf Ski Resort in Sepidan County.

Villages being evacuated in southern Iran amid flooding

Torrential rains in the southern Iranian province of Hormozgan have triggered mass evacuations, especially in the Minab area.

Powerful quake jolts Iran’s Kerman Province

A 5.01-magnitude earthquake on Saturday afternoon rocked parts of Iran’s Kerman Province.

Heavy fog descends in Iran’s Khuzestan province

Reports say some cities across the southern Iranian province of Khuzestan have been shrouded in a thick blanket of fog that has reduced horizontal visibility to less than 50 meters.

Heavy rain, snow cause damage in several areas across Iran

Extreme weather conditions have caused havoc in several areas across Iran.

Heavy downpour triggers flooding in western Iran, causing damage

Torrential rain has triggered flooding in areas in western Iranian Ilam province, inflicting damage on the local infrastructure.

Harsh weather leaves two hikers dead in heights of northern Iran

Harsh weather has claimed the lives of two climbers in the heights of Mount Alam (Alam Kooh) in Iran’s northern province of Mazandaran.

Raisi visits flood, quake-hit areas of Hormozgan Province

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says officials are working to resolve problems in the flood-hit and quake-hit areas of the southern province of Hormozgan.

One killed in Iran petrochemical plant fire

A fire has broken out at Iran’s Shahzand Petrochemical Plant, killing one person and wounding two others.

Four dead, dozens of cars damaged in Iran pileups

At least four people have lost their lives and dozens of vehicles are damaged in two pileups caused by foggy weather in the southwestern Iranian province of Khouzestan.

Shooting kills mayor in southern Iranian city

A shooting has killed the mayor of a small town in southern Iran.

13K families affected by floods in Iran’s southeast

Authorities in Iran's Sistan and Baluchestan Province say 13,000 families have been affected by the recent floods there.

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