What are the reasons behind Saudi Arabia’s hostility to Iran? (PART ONE)

There are multiple reasons for the historical hostility Saudi Arabia has shown to Iran in different periods of time, an analytical report says.

Iran’s presence in Syria talks, a victory for diplomacy

An advisor to the foreign minister has said that representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition should be part of interactive talks aimed at solving the Syrian crisis.
Rahim pour

Deputy FM: Iran should not scare away its neighbors

An Iranian official has said that the foreign and interior ministries should work out a single formula to solve the pocketbook issues of the public.

Iranian diplomat challenges US panelist over ISIS

An Iranian diplomat has said that the situation in Iraq would have been much worse if Iran had not helped the country in its fight against ISIS.

Iran seeks to promote regional understanding, counter division: Official

Most of Iran's political activities in the post-JCPOA era have been focused on the promotion of regional cooperation, Shamkhani said.
Ahmed Chalabi

Untimely death of Chalabi, a bane of Iraq’s political process

The ill-timed death of Ahmed Chalabi, a key lobbyist for the US invasion of Iraq, will cost the Iraqi political process dearly, analysts say.

The future of the Middle East, hopes and fears

A senior Iranian Foreign Ministry official talks about the Vienna conference on Syria and different roles regional and international players played in the meeting.

What led to argument between Zarif and Al-Jubeir at the Vienna conference?

At one point, Dr. Zarif responded to those remarks nonchalantly, and, at another, he openly rejected each of Al-Jubeir's comments, Deputy Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian said.

Why bridging the Iran-Saudi divide is vital for peace in Syria and the region

Rouhani has called for better ties with Saudi Arabia, but Saudi Arabia has rebuffed all of Iran's attempts at engagement, Mousavian said in an opinion piece.
Syria Talks Vienna

Vienna conference on Syria was recognition of Iran’s role: Arab analyst

Many observers view the exclusion of Iran from earlier talks on Syria – under pressure from Riyadh and with a US green-light – as illogical, Atwan said.

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