Migraine Patients Can Receive Free Counselling Services in Iran

An Iranian pharmaceutical company has launched a telephone system to counsel migraine patients free of charge.

Menstrual Migraine Could Be Caused by Low Iron Levels

The migraine at the end of the menstrual period could be due to low iron levels in the body, research studies show.

Damask Rose: A Unique Plant with Exceptional Properties

The Damask rose is one of the plants that have numerous properties used in different industries.

Medicinal Herbs: An Effective Treatment for Migraine

Medicinal herbs are an effective alternative for chemical drugs to prevent and reduce the effects of migraine.

11 Countries Demanding to Buy IRDS Medication from Iran

Nearly a dozen countries are demanding to purchase medication for infantile respiratory distress syndrome (IRDS) from Iran, an Iranian official says.

Medical Tourism in Iran Hits New Record in Four Months

Iran attracted some 600,000 medical tourists during the first four months of the current Iranian year (March 21–July 22), equaling the total number of visitors who travelled to Iran for healthcare services during the whole past year, a senior official says.

New Herbal Medicine Developed to Control Alzheimer’s Disease

A group of Iranian scientists have produced two herbal drugs using lemon balm and saffron extracts that prevent and control the Alzheimer's disease (AD).

Iran to Open Pavilion at Iraq Health Expo

The Islamic Republic of Iran will take part in the upcoming annual Health Expo of Baghdad in early September.

Iran Develops Rehab Limbs to Improve Motor Functions

A group of Iranian researchers have devised a new product that helps improve patients’ motor functions.

US Sanctions Killing Cancer Patients in Iran: Report

The US claims that its maximum pressure on Iran won’t stop the supply of medicine and other humanitarian necessities, but banking sanctions are driving up import prices, blocking supply chains, and creating deadly drug shortages, an article released by Foreign Policy says.

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