Sunday, March 3, 2024

Iran Covid: Gradual rise in ‘red’ cities on color-coded  map as infections soar

The Iranian Health Ministry reports a new rise in the number of cities classified as ‘red’ or ‘high risk’ on the color-coded Covid-19 tracking map as more patients are diagnosed with the disease.

In the latest updates to the map, released on Friday, there are now 10 ‘red’ cities, up from 4 a week earlier.

The number of ‘orange’ cities, where there is a “moderately elevated” rate of infection, also surged from 23 to 33, while the number of ‘yellow’ or ‘low risk’ cities increased to 198, up from 186.

The situation is still ‘blue’ or ‘normal’ in 207 cities.

On Friday, the Health Ministry said 815 people were diagnosed with Covid-19, out of whom 19 lost their lives.

Over 145,000 people have died of infection with coronavirus since it was first detected in Iran in early 2020.

Officials have advised people to receive booster shots and observe health protocols against the disease.

The infection rate is expected to see a rise as Iranians are preparing for New Year celebrations, which involve trips and family gatherings.

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