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Report: Israel establishes secret center to survey Iran nuclear activities

The Israeli military has launched a 'highly secret' intelligence and analysis center to monitor Iran's nuclear capabilities, according to a report. Tehran has warned of crushing response to any Tel Aviv military adventurism.

EU diplomat says Iran plans to resume nuclear talks but “not yet ready”

A top European Union (EU) diplomat believes Iran has decided to resume nuclear talks to revive the 2015 landmark agreement but is “not yet ready” to come back to the negotiation table. Tehran has stated it’s ready to restart dialogues but not under western pressure. The Iranian government has called for the practical moves and the lifting of all sanctions.

Analyst: West Should End Sanctions, Excessive Demands to Get Iran Back to Nuclear Deal

An Iranian political analyst says the only way forward to revival of the 2015 nuclear deal is the removal of oppressive sanctions and western countries’ abandoning their excessive demands from Iran.
Tuesday Talks in Vienna to Focus Merely on JCPOA Legal Discussions: Iran

Talks on Iran Nuclear Deal to Resume in Coming Days: Iranian MP

An Iranian lawmaker says negotiations will resume in the coming days on the 2015 Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

EU Says Thinking of No ‘Plan B’ on Iran Nuclear Talks

The EU foreign policy chief says the bloc has currently no decision to go for what some media reports are calling a “Plan B” on Iran.

Austria official says Vienna has common concerns with Tehran over Daesh

Secretary General of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Peter Launsky, who is in Tehran for the fifth round of political talks with the Islamic Republic of Iran, has met with Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian.

Bagheri: Europe expected to take action on Yemen

An Iranian deputy foreign minister has called on the Secretary General of Austria’s foreign ministry that Europe is expected to take action to put an end to the sufferings of Yemenis.

Iran’s Navy foils pirate attack on oil tanker in Gulf of Aden

An Iranian warship has repelled an attack by pirates on an oil tanker belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Gulf of Aden.

MP: Parliament examines properties to fight corruption

The spokesman of the Iranian Parliament’s Presiding Board has said the 11th legislature has no resolution on the confidentiality or non-confidentiality of the properties of the officials.

Several former central bank officials sentenced to jail for squandering millions of dollars

A court in Iran has sentenced former Central Bank governor Valliollah Seif to 10 years of discretionary imprisonment for squandering millions of dollars in public funds.